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New York City

  • Studying to be an English Teacher

    Studying to be an English TeacherI began an online 100 hour Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL, TEFL) course with International TESOL Teachers Training (ITTT). Nailing this certification will better provide me with another trade that I can ply while traveling. I have taught English before and, although I cannot say that I [...]

  • Tourist Guilt and Helping the Poor

    They Need it More Than Me: Tourist Guilt and “Helping” the Poor“I’m delighted to be called a romanticist. It tells me that I am on the right track. They mean I’m reporting only the good and trying to make everything seem perfect; in other words, I’m inventing it. I can respect anthropology only if it [...]

  • Travel to Central Asia Western China or Middle East

    Travel to Central Asia, Western China, or Middle East and then Africa? Where to now? Seriously, where to now is my only question. But it is a good question, the best of questions. I cannot think of a greater joy than standing at a global crossroads, looking in all directions with feelings of excitement, inquiry, [...]

  • Begging for a Laugh in New York City

    Begging for a Laugh in New York CityBegging in New York City has been chiseled down into a fine comedic art. Perhaps suiting to the reputation of the place, relatively seldom do you see beggars doing the ordinary begging gig of sitting on a street corner trying to look defunct with an open hand held [...]

  • Ethnography Journalism and Travel Writing

    Ethnography, Journalism, and Travel WritingI am shooting wide of the mark and I know it. I am like a floppy fish bouncing around out of water in New York City.I had a feeling that I would find myself in this position before leaving Eastern Europe, and I am not surprised or too concerned. . . [...]

  • Obama Celebration in Brooklyn

    Obama Celebration in BrooklynA crazed chorus of “Obamaaaaaaaa! Obamaaaaaa! Woooooooo! Screeeetch!” erupted outside my window last night on Long Island University’s Brooklyn campus. The sounds of an impromptu street celebration successfully usurped the quiet of the mild autumn evening. I walked out from my room to see what was going on:Black girls were jumping up [...]

  • Travel Questions

    Travel Questions One of the fastest growing sections of Vagabond Journey.com is the travel questions forum. This is the place where I answer the questions that readers have about traveling, working on the road, studying abroad, or just about anything else.————–Wade from Vagabond Journey.com in Brooklyn, New York City- November 3, 2008 Travelogue — Travel [...]

  • Asus Eee PC 12 gig XP Gift

    Asus Eee PC 12 gig XP GiftUpon airing my new-found computer woes on this this travelogue – One Week Two Laptops Broken – a friend that I met in Guatemala through the Hobotraveler named Chris came to the rescue.Chris said that he was moving to Panajachal on Lago Atitlan in Guatemala and that he no [...]

  • Original Eee PC Not Good for Traveling Webmasters

    Original Asus Eee PC Not Good for Traveling WebmastersThe original model of the Asus Eee PC is good as a web appliance when on the Road, but when it comes down to creating and maintaining websites – or doing things that require programs beyond the general Windows boot up – it is no good.No good.4 [...]

  • Jocelyn Lieu Interview

    Jocelyn Lieu Interview: Another Concept of Journalism “If you are going after the news, you’re working 60 hours a week, you’re drinking hard. I think I burned out a little bit. But I took away the feeling that the news was useful. . . . I knew more and more of the truth but I [...]