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Vagabond Journey

New York City

  • USA People Not Robots

    USA People Not RobotsI try to be nice to people. I just intuitively (usually) act in a way that can be considered polite. My parents made sure that I was polite and respectful as a child and I did so automatically. . . probably just because my parents told me to. Now that I am [...]

  • Office Pranks

    Office PranksThe prankster began to grow weary in the stale, office-like, and shockingly sterile university environment in which he was studying in New York City. He figured that he had to start pulling pranks to keep himself from shriveling up into a beastly serious prune. He had to start pulling pranks to save his own [...]

  • Thanksgiving in Maine

    Thanksgiving in MaineI am hopping on a Jet Blue flight from JFK to Portland, Maine in a few hours. I am going up to the great northern wilderness state for a Thanksgiving feast by the sea. I am excited to get out of New York City and on to somewhere that has trees, blue skies, [...]

  • Donate Money to Africa

    Donate Money to AfricaIt seems to be a well known fact in Africa that many Westerners feel so guilty for having money that they will go to great lengths to give it away.I have friend here in New York City who sponsors an African. She sends a Liberian man $100 a month so that he [...]

  • Traveler Re-Entry and Reverse Culture Shock

    Traveler Re-Entry to Home Country“Why would anyone return to where they came?”-from the film, Such a Long JourneyComing home means being a nobody again.I have gotten use to being a foreigner, being someone – something – different, being the focal-point at which people gaze and stare. I like people looking at me and wanting to [...]

  • Educational Autobiography

    Educational AutobiographyI am unsure if this could be of interest to anyone, but the following link goes to a haphazard run through of my educational autobiography. It was just one of those ransom type assignments that I had to complete to receive my university degree from Global College, Long Island University.————–Wade from Vagabond Journey.com in [...]

  • No Dollar Days in Brooklyn

    No Dollar Days in BrooklynI have not spent a dollar in nearly four days. I do not even have a dollar in my wallet. I really love these no dollar days. In fact, when I go to bed at night after a day of not spending ANY money I feel absolutely victorious, I feel like [...]

  • How Not to Monetize Blog

    How Not to Monetize Blog: Project Wonderful Makes No MoneyI tried another internet advertising program to compliment Google Adsense. It is called Project Wonderful and it does not make webmasters a fair amount of money.————–Wade from Vagabond Journey.com in Brooklyn, New York City- November 20, 2008Travelogue — Travel Photos ————–For the past month and a [...]

  • Obama Hope or Delusion

    Obama Hope or Delusion in Brooklyn“Hope is a longing for a future condition over which you have no agency.”-Derrick JensenHope is still in the air, in the minds, and on the lips of Brooklyn as a seemingly competent, articulate, and worldly man was elected as president of the USA. In my era these attributes in [...]

  • Studying to be an English Teacher

    Studying to be an English TeacherI began an online 100 hour Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL, TEFL) course with International TESOL Teachers Training (ITTT). Nailing this certification will better provide me with another trade that I can ply while traveling. I have taught English before and, although I cannot say that I [...]