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New York City

  • Searching For A Place To Live In New York City Restaurant in New York City

    Can I even rent an apartment here?

  • Floating Cities: 90s-era Sci-fi Becomes Our Current Reality

    Is this for real?

  • Traveling Full Circle Back To New York City

    After completing one round trip I consider a change of direction.

  • The Worst Airport Terminal in America?

    Could this be the worst airport terminal there is?

  • Another Concept of Journalism

    “If you are going after the news, you’re working 60 hours a week, you’re drinking hard. I think I burned out a little bit. But I took away the feeling that the news was useful. . . . I knew more and more of the truth but I couldn’t quite convey it. The news became [...]

  • New York City Notebook

    I keep an oblongly rectangular reporter’s notebook in my back pocket at all times. I take little notes all day long – it could be said that I am an inveterate scribbler – so that I can record conversations, impressions, and descriptions to write about later on this travelogue. The following are excerpts from my [...]

  • End of the Line in America

    End of the Line in AmericaI went down to the Port Authority in Manhattan to get on a Greyhound bus to Rochester, New York. I walked down through the terminal, located my gate, and there found around 200 friggin’ people wanting to get on my bus. I was taken aback at first, but then resolved [...]

  • Woolly Mammoth Skeleton

    Woolly Mammoth Skeleton at American Museum of Natural HistoryI spent an insurmountable amount of time when I was a little kid staring into a postcard of a woolly mammoth skeleton. The card was postmarked sometime in the 1950s, and some guy wrote an incredibly general message to another guy upon the back of it. What [...]

  • Photography Lesson in New York City

    Photography Lesson in New York City“Photography is painting with light.”Photography has always been a subject that has stuck in my craw, for I simply do not understand what is so complex about pointing a box-like instrument at something and pushing a button. I can point and I can push buttons. I am not impressed when [...]

  • Time to Leave New York City

    Time to Leave New York CityA sketch book sketcher clandestinely sketches a boy playing a guitar and a harmonica in the Metropolitan subway stop of Brooklyn. The guitar and harmonica boy has short, ratty white-person dreadlocks and plays songs for alms in the subways of New York City. He has a nice Fival Mousekewitz hat [...]