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  • Look: The Easternmost Point in the USA, West Quoddy Head, Maine

    I didn’t know that I was at the most easternmost point of the USA until I looked down and saw the sign in front of me which told me so. Cool. I’ve never really had a thing for going to the farthest, highest, longest, driest, wettest . . . most extreme parts of the planet [...]

  • Spanish and English Bilingual Development

    Petra’s bilingual development at one year, 10 months Please watch this video of Petra’s Spanish and English bilingual abilities before reading the remainder of this entry Seven months ago, I published a video and travelogue entry about Petra’s initial foray into simultaneous bilingualism. Now, at the age of one year and 10 months, I’ve again [...]

  • Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race in Maine

    Bangor, Maine for the Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race It is not who wins or loses, but who puts on the biggest show capsizing their canoe. This was the main sentiment that I took away from being a spectator at the Kenduskeag Stream canoe race which runs through Bangor, Maine each April. Yesterday, I watched as hundreds [...]

  • Time to go abroad

    Really the decision was already made before Petra was born. I believe it was promised the minute we found out we were pregnant: Yes, we can keep traveling with a baby. After roadtripping for a couple months around the US, we felt we had gotten our feet sufficiently wet, and Petra was sufficiently sturdy at [...]

  • Flying with Baby

    My daughter, Petra, went on her first airplane trip when she was eight weeks old. Wade, my husband, had left me single handed with a new born baby a month earlier to work an archeology job in Arizona. But we both felt Petra was just a little too young to go on a cross country [...]

  • Reasons to Choose a Midwife for Homebirth

    It is hard for me to fully explain the reason I wanted to go home to have the baby. I had been traveling while pregnant for the past six months through Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and the Middle East. And now it was just time to go home. We were in Cairo, we had traveled [...]

  • Blackberry Means I Can Blog from a Car

    I am leaving Maine, riding in a car down to the airport in Portland. I am blogging from the back seat of a moving vehicle, I purchased a Blackberry on a global data plan to give me this opportunity. I am no longer as tied to WIFI connections – no longer as much of a [...]

  • First Entry With Blackberry

    This is the first entry to this travelogue with a Verizon Blackberry. It was my feeling that being able to access the internet in 100+ countries to blog would make my life easier. I suppose this is the grand impetus for gadgets. But as I sit here on the lee side of a day where [...]

  • Telling my Parents I’m Pregnant

    Vagabonds tell parents their pregnant — I had already suspected I was pregnant for almost two weeks when I took a pregnancy test. My breasts were sore, I was exhausted and I just knew something was up. I had been visiting my family in Maine while Wade was with his family in upstate New York. [...]

  • Working for the Great Man

    Working as Geography Research Assistant — “Chaya’s grandfather is a famous geographer,” I told a couple of guest to Chaya’s family home in Bangor. “What, did he win a Noble Peace Prize or something?” one of the guest jested with a sarcastic sort of giggle. “Yeah, he did,” I replied, “it is hanging on the [...]