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  • Snorkeling At Night With Manta Rays In Hawaii Manta ray Hawaii

    We got close, real close.

  • To Hawaii: The Final Family Trip Petra Shepard

    Remembering how we always used to do this.

  • 10 Things You Didn’t Know About: Hawaii

    Hawaii is known for it’s pristine beaches, tropical climate, vibrant culture, booming tourism industry, and unique flora and fauna, but there is another side to this place that outsiders tend not to know about. On a recent visit to Hawaii, Tiffany Zappulla dove into some of the less publicized aspects of this vacation epicenter, and [...]

  • Hawaii For The Vagabond Naturalist

    Tourism and conservation, the Catch-22 of the “Extinction Capital of the World.”

  • The World Below: Scuba Diving in Hawaii

    Being a coastal dweller, I’ve always fostered a keen interest in all things aquatic. In addition to swimming, paddle boarding and surfing, I love to explore the entire world beneath the water’s surface. On the coast of Northern California, this isn’t exactly a safe endeavor, so whenever I travel somewhere that is undertow and man-eating [...]