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  • Christmas Holiday Car Accident In Connecticut

    I lose my car and a film project hangs in the balance.

  • Cross Walk in Connecticut – from Maine to Mexico -Part 2

    MYSTIC, Connecticut –Thomas Helling grunted a little as he picked the heavy 10 foot high wooden cross up from the side of the highway and hoisted it to his shoulder. Jesus’ instruction to his disciples was “Walk on.”

  • Cross Walk Search Concluded Successful

    After a day and a half of driving up and down Connecticut’s eastern fringes of RT 1, searching for Thomas Helling — who is currently on a cross bearing pedestrian journey from Maine to Mexico — I realized that my methods were a touch futile. Driving down the highway at highway speed was to turn [...]

  • Search for Man Walking with Cross in Connecticut Update

    “Have you seen a man walking by here with a ten foot Jesus cross over his shoulder recently?” I asked a young girl in light blue nursing fatigues. I had just turned off on RT 1, immediately over the Connecticut border with Rhode Island: ground zero in my search for Tom Helling — the man [...]