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  • Differences in USA Cultural Diversity

    USA Cultural Diversity, a Conversation with an Italian Traveler — “What do you think,” asked an Italian traveler in a hostel in Flagstaff, Arizona, “do you think that the people from the east coast of the USA are different than the west coast, do you think the people of New York are different than they [...]

  • Police in America Food Not Bombs Flagstaff Arizona

    Free Food in Flagstaff, Arizona — “They stole our banner,” whined a young white girl in an odd sort of white rasta tam from behind a couple large pots of food and a bowl of fruit salad sitting on a brick wall in Flagstaff’s Wheeler Park. By “they” she meant the police. I filled up [...]

  • Different Travel Strategies Different Countries

    If you are going to “do” a country, be sure to do it right. From my figures, a traveler only needs three things: transportation, shelter, and sustenance (food and water). Acquiring these resources requires a different strategy for each region of the world. To travel cheaply I know that I need to match my travel [...]

  • Archaeology on Strawberry Mountain

    Archaeology Fieldwork on Top of a Mountain, Open Doors for Cages — “Whoever is the first one to puke gets the nickname Tonto!” I am now ashamed to say that I proclaimed on that less than glorious first night of camping in the Tonto Forest with the archaeology crew. Tonto is the name of the [...]

  • Archaeology Survey in Tonto Forest Arizona

    Archaeology Survey in the Tonto Forest — The sun sits three quarters of the way through its Ferris wheel spin across the sky — it will soon be night. The crew of archaeologists complain of sore legs and stumble around the campsite cooking pasta, chili, and pouring boiled water into MRE packages to eat before [...]

  • Archaeology Fieldwork Good for Travelers

    This is a travelogue entry about how doing archaeology fieldwork is a good profession to get into if you want to travel. As with other traveling contract jobs, archaeologists in the USA get their living expenses on the road paid for them in addition to their standard pay. Doing archaeology is a good way to [...]

  • European Travelers and Greyhound Buses

    “If you really want the underbelly of the American experience you should ride a Greyhound bus across the country,” I suggested to the same English girl. A blank face of stark fear stared back at me. I felt as though I scared a rabbit out of its brush pile hiding place. This English girl was [...]

  • English Impression of USA

    Staying at a youth hostels in the USA gives me the opportunity to talk about my country on my own turf. I can now make a statement about the USA, and if a European disagrees with me I can lead them to an open doorway and say “LOOK!” Now you see what I mean. I [...]

  • Refuge from the Forest – Hostel in Phoenix Arizona

    “But before you can stay here you need to take a shower, I can smell a whiff off of you woooo!” spoke a heavy set older woman in a nightgown at the front door of a hostel in Phoenix. I just came out of the Tonto Forest after 3 days of working the archaeology and [...]

  • Quartzsite Yacht Club

    I become a member of the Quartzsite Yacht Club — “Welcome Aboard – long time, no sea!” -the motto of the Quartzsite Yacht Club I joined a yacht club. I joined a yacht club in the middle of the Sonoran desert. There is no water, no sea access, no rivers in sight of this yacht [...]