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  • Christmas Tree for White House

    Each Christmas time in the United States a Christmas tree is selected from one of the nation’s national forests to be displayed on the White House lawn. This year the Christmas tree was taken from Arizona — the first time this state has been chosen to make the donation. The tree was taken from the [...]

  • Where Prehistory Becomes Human

    Where Prehistory Becomes Human, Hardscrabble Dacite Outcrop near Strawberry, Arizona — We were surveying an area in the Tonto forest for archaeology sites. We were near the Hardscrabble dacite outcrop. The prehistoric people who once traversed this region would travel to this rock outcrop, knock off a bunch of cobbles, and cart them away as [...]

  • Arizona High Elevation Big Mountains

    “Easterners conditioned to view Arizona as a land of desert, cactus, sunset-colored mesas, and deep canyons are astonished at the loftiness of its peaks and the extent of its high-altitude spruce and pine forests.” I jotted down this note this from an archaeology textbook that I no longer remember the name of. Though even through [...]

  • Searching for a Mobile Home in Arizona

    Backpacking is dead, killed by baby — My travel baggage has increased a hundred fold in a short period of time. My possessions, supplies, and people no longer can fit snugly inside of a rucksack. I now need a travel strategy that can carry this load. Traveling with a wife and baby has shown my [...]

  • Traveling with a Baby is New

    On following the way with a family.

  • Travel with an Infant the Journey Begins

    The Arrival, Traveling with a Wife and Baby: The Journey Begins — “It is a big adjustment when you realize that you have a little person telling you what to do all the time.” -Chaya, my wife, about our new role as parents The Arrival A woman walked out of the Airtran terminal and into [...]

  • Photos of Artifacts from Tonto National Forest

    Archaeology Artifacts from Tonto National Forest Arizona — The work on the archaeology survey project in the Tonto Forest of Arizona has carried on into its fifth week. This travelogue entry will show what we have been looking for out in the mountains. My job is to ponder — or, more accurately, to find — [...]

  • Of Cars and Nature- Lockett Meadow Flagstaff Arizona

    Lockett Meadow Surprise — I got some advice from a local in Flagstaff as to where I should spend the day hiking. “You got to go to Lockett Meadow!” he directed me with gusto. “How do I get there?” He told me: right onto Rt. 66, left when I get to a sign for Sunset [...]

  • USA Creative Culture – Stagnant, Traditional, or Niched?

    American Creative Culture — I am sitting in a theater in Flagstaff, Arizona. I am watching a Grateful Dead cover band playing Grateful Dead cover songs. (Entrance was free — and, well, free is free.) But what is interesting is not the band, nor the music, but the fact that the crowd spans three generations: [...]

  • Archaeology Fieldwork in Southwest Enjoyable

    Archaeology Fieldwork Good for Iron Bodied Daydreaming Travelers — I like my job every morning. I wake up early, go outside, watch the sun come up, feel the sun warm up, and walk, walk, walk. This is one of the best avenues of paying employment that I have yet experienced. If all work is said [...]