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Nomad World Pub

I didn’t think such places existed.

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MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota- “Sorry, we don’t have any Genny Cream Ale for you,” the bartender said as soon as he looked at me.

He knew me on sight. Genesee beer is from Rochester, NY.

“Is the bowling ball guy going to be here?” he asked.

“You know the bowling ball guy?”

Apparently, he had a cousin from Indiana who’s babysitter was Pete Metzelaars so he was a lifelong Bills fan who’s met Ken Johnson, aka Pinto Ron, the ring leader of Bills fans at home and away, and drank from his bowling ball.

Pete Metzelaars was a tight end on the Bills super bowl era team.

I went to the Nomad World Pub thinking that it was going to have some corny kind of travel theme. Instead, it ended up being a punk sports bar. Misfits, Dead Kennedies, GBH, and Texas A&M.

I didn’t think such places existed.

But it was perfect.

Going to the Bills Backers party next.


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  • Trevor September 26, 2018, 8:54 pm

    when I’m away i always go to bars/cafes/everywhere alone. Here i don’t even go out.
    Alcohol comes from the supermarket. may be i have a drinking problem :(( or will have one soon.

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    • Wade Shepard September 27, 2018, 3:35 pm

      Yes, it’s much more difficult to go out alone and make friends in your hometown where you’re just a “normal.”

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