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New York: The City that Beckons and that Travelers Can’t Ignore

Where to go and what to do in New York City.

New York City

If you visit New York, you will soon realize there’s nowhere quite like it. You can visit other large cities in the US and elsewhere. The world boasts many metropolises, but there’s only one New York.

Why does the Big Apple beckon with so much allure? We’ll discuss that right now. You can find New York City experiences to try for adventure seekers, but first, you should understand this city’s magnetism.

The Movie and TV Scene There

Have you ever watched a show like Law and Order: SVU? Maybe you remember the show New York Undercover that ran in the 90s. You’ve likely seen some Seinfeld or Friends episodes.

If not, maybe you liked Sex and the City or Girls. What do they all have in common? They all take place in New York, of course.

You can think about equally many New York movies. Think about the Al Pacino movies taking place there, like Serpico or The Godfather. Robert DeNiro has many great ones as well, like Taxi Driver or Godfather II.

You can probably think of many more if you ponder for a moment. There’s Annie Hall and the other Woody Allen movies set there. New York has a thriving cinematic life, and it has since TV and movies first came into the public’s consciousness.

If you walk along a New York street, you can easily come across a movie or TV show that some director shoots even as you walk right past. You might end up as an uncredited extra if you’re in a crowd and there’s a camera rolling nearby.

If you love movies and TV shows, you should love New York as well. Los Angeles has the same thriving film and TV scene, but it doesn’t have that New York grit that many directors crave. The city becomes like another character, and the show or movie isn’t the same without it.

You Can See Wall-to-Wall Iconic Buildings, Statues, and Bridges

Everyone you go in New York City, you will find iconic buildings and statues. You can visit Ellis Island. You can see Lady Liberty with her torch glinting in the sun on hot summer days. You can see the Christopher Columbus statue in Columbus Circle.  

You can see the Empire State Building. If you walk through the Garment District, you can see many art deco buildings preserved from a bygone era, each one a national treasure. You can visit MOMA or the UN building. You can check out the Guggenheim or the library by Times Square with the iconic lions in front.

You can see the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge. You can walk across them. You can walk from Brooklyn into Manhattan and explore Chinatown and Little Italy. You can walk into Brooklyn and explore DUMBO with its many little shops and cafes.

You Can Visit New York as a Sports Fan

New York has several professional teams, and you might enjoy visiting for that reason alone. You can have a whole sports week, during which you might see a hockey game, a basketball game, and a baseball game. You can check out football and soccer when they’re in season as well.

You can head up into the Bronx and see the Yankees play at Yankee Stadium. You can take many pictures. You can get a hot dog and some peanuts while watching the game, or they even have a steakhouse inside if you get reservations and you can afford it. You can watch Giancarlo Stanton or Aaron Judge hit a monster home run.

In Queens, at the 7 line’s conclusion, you will find Citi Field, where the Mets play. They picked up a couple of big free-agent pitchers during the offseason, Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander. You might see one of them pitch and perhaps even throw a no-hitter.

You can visit Madison Square Garden with the Rangers or the Knicks in town. You can watch an improved Knicks squad making a playoff push, or you might see the Rangers on the ice.

You can visit Arthur Ashe Stadium if you like tennis. You can see the US Open there. You can visit the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn. It’s not so old and venerable, but it’s still a very nice facility.

New York offers so much. Once you visit there once, you’ll feel you must come back. If you visit a hundred times, you can still never see everything that’s there.


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