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  • How to Navigate with a Compass when Traveling

    Having a map and compass will do you no good if you don’t know where you want to go, getting to where you want to go is a crap shoot if you don’t know where you are, and knowing where you are is pointless if you don’t know what direction you’re facing. Unless I’m marching [...]

  • How to Ask Directions

    Asking directions travel tip OAXACA, Mexico- Any traveler who moves without holding the gingerly hand of a tour company is going to have to ask directions to get somewhere at one time or another. I ask directions all day long. I like to walk, and, if walking in a particular direction to a particular place, [...]

  • Dog Guided Navigation

    FINCA TATIN, near the Rio Dulce, Guatemala- “How many hours away is La Vaca?” I asked one of the finca staff members how long it would take us to get to a reputedly good look out point. I was told that I would need a guide, as the jungle paths are complicated, and it would [...]

  • Compass Navigation Through Guatemala City

    We took a local bus into Guatemala City from Antigua for 8 quetzales, $1 each. We arrived in the middle of a city that neither my wife nor I are familiar with. The bus was suppose to take us into Zone 1 to a little bus terminal, which was within walking distance to where we [...]

  • How to Use a Compass when Traveling

    This travelogue entry on how to use a compass when traveling is part two of a series on navigation. I always travel with a compass. I find that I use it almost everyday, no matter if I am in the countryside or in the middle of a large city. Pulling my compass out of my [...]

  • Global Positioning Systems GPS Good But Beware

    This entry about the trust parameters that should be placed around Global Positioning Systems — GPS — technology is the first part of a Vagabond Journey series on navigation. The hand held GPS unit is perhaps one of the greatest gifts that civilization has ever given to the back country wanderer. With properly knowledge of [...]