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Muck Rake Compiles My Articles

A list of most of my articles in one place.

Every once in a while I will see my profile on this site called Muck Rake appear in search results for the topics that I cover. Muck Rake is a site which collects data on journalists to sell to companies looking to receive media coverage.

99 times out of 100 when these PR agencies contact me [to glorify the CEO who hired them] I’m not interested. But that 1% fringe presents me something I’m looking for — a research firm who has the numbers on a topic I’m covering, perhaps.

Anyway, I never really paid much attention to Muck Rake and sites like it but today I actually looked at the page and was surprised by something:

Either their automation software is beyond anything I can imagine it being or somebody has been editing my profile by hand. Not only were there publications listed on there that I don’t tell anybody about but it only includes links to news-relevant blog posts from Vagabond Journey. Basically, they’ve compiled a good chunk of the journalistic work that I do together in one place.

Check it out: Wade Shepard on Muck Rake

I’ve been writing for an array of different publications over the past few years and I understand that it all may be a little difficult to follow or keep track of. I have a difficult time tracking it all myself. To remedy this I’m currently in the process of building a personal website that will list all of my publications, speaking engagements, include excerpts from my books, as well as long-form articles that don’t find a home elsewhere but don’t really fit the format of this blog.

I plan to launch this site sometime within the next few months, but until then the article list in this Muck Rake profile could probably serve as a temporary stand-in.

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