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Mountain Climbing

  • Climbing Down a Bolivian Mountain At Night, or Why It’s Sometimes Best To Leave Before It Gets Dark

    How a flashlight imprisoned and then aided two carefree adventurer’s escape from Sucre’s Sietes Cascadas.

  • Trekking to Morocco’s Highest Peak

    A journey up Morocco’s highest peak, Toubkal mountain.

  • Chinese Father and Son Attempt to Climb Mt. Fuji, Dad says “Where are the stairs?”

    Eagle Dad and kids make it to 11,000 feet on Mt. Fuji and unfurl patriotic banners before needing to be rescued.

  • Petra Shepard Climbs First Mountain

    My daughter, Petra, climb her first mountain on August 28, 2012. She was three years and two weeks old.

  • Walking on up the Mountain

    Walking on up the MountainI woke up on Sunday morning with the feeling that I needed to move. I still did not want to go to Panama City. I did not want to go to any city. I am a nature boy. I grew up in the sticks of back country USA. I get weird [...]

  • Erik the Broken Hearted

    Erik the Broken Hearted and the Perils of Tropical Volcanoes Meknes, MoroccoOctober 2, 2007Hello Friends,I just entered this piece into Travel Stories Magazine’s 2007 writing contest. If you would like to you can vote for the following article by go to the following link: Erik the broken Hearted and clicking five stars on the scale [...]

  • Up Mt. Washington

    Boston, Massachusetts, USAJuly 29, 2007“Yes, Blake was right: Discretion was nothing but a “rich, ugly old maid wooed by incapacity.” How much more entertaining it was to woo Folly.” -Richard Halliburton, The Royal Road to RomanceThis is the ridge that we walked to get to Mt. Washington. Why climb only one peak when you can [...]