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Most Amazing Places to Visit in Tennessee

Where you should go and what you should do.

Tennessee is a landlocked state located in the southeast of the USA and also known as “The Volunteer State.” It is given this name due to sending 1,500 volunteer soldiers and play a prominent role in the war of 1812. Among other qualities, this state is known for its countryside music and uncountable tourist attractions. Real travelers who like exploring new portions of the earth rather than visiting the few same old places show great interest in Tennessee.

To enjoy festivals and outdoor activities in Tennessee, you must arrange your tour in the summertime from June through August. However, know that it is pretty hot and humid in these months. So for those who don’t want some tan under the sun must visit in colder months like September, October, and November. All the seasons in this state have something to offer to travelers.

Now that you have decided to visit Tennessee let’s find some fantastic destinations you must know about before planning your trip.

  • Great Smoky Mountain

Great smoky mountain national park alone is the house for the outdoor activities. This park has so much to offer, from hiking, fishing, and biking to see the beautiful sights of stunning waterfalls. There is also a historic structure that explains the history of the park. You can begin with Sugarland Visitor Center to learn about the park. They screen a 20 min film to show the history of the park. If you are a wildlife lover, then here is the surprise for you. The great smoky mountain national park is abundantly rich in wildflowers and animals.

Moreover, a great way to make your stay memorable in this area is to make your stay in Pigeon Forge. It is a mountain town in eastern Tennessee that offers numerous activities for tourists. Therefore, you can search for the best cabins in Pigeon Forge to make your stay more exciting. You can find cabins with a fantastic view of the mountains and gardens. When you are in Pigeon Forge, extend your stay because you will find tons of attractions and fun outdoor activities here.

  • Ruby Falls

Sometimes accidents are pretty beautiful. Look at this captivating waterfall. Around 1925, Ruby fall was discovered by a team of excavators while drilling in the ground. It is the exact place where the fall stands today. How deep can you think this fall is located below the ground? Ruby fall is the largest waterfall of the states, 1,120 feet below the ground in the caves. In addition to the fantastic site, there is a lot to learn at this place. When you plan to schedule a visit to this place, spend at least 2 to 3 hours peacefully to enjoy all that lies here.

  • Nashville at Night

Many places are famous for waterfalls, rivers, and oceans, with breathtaking views during the daytime. However, when you are on vacation, you want to make the most of your time in enjoyment. Nashville, the capital of Tennessee, is the city of night. The bright light imparts vibrant energy to the visitors, and the music fills the souls with another level of peace.

In addition to the recreational and historic spots, it is famous for its music. It is the hub for the recording industry. The visit to Nashville is incomplete without going to the music row. If you enjoy walking, we suggest you walk through the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge and enjoy the top view of the Cumberland River. The view is breathtaking in the darkest hours of the night.

  • Emert’s Cove Bridge

This bridge is named to honor a great warrior Fredrick Emert who was the one to find this place. It is situated above the water covered with tall trees, a few minutes from Gatlinburg. It is the getaway to the famous Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Take a walk through the bridge and take photos of the beautiful sceneries surrounding the bridge. It is also a perfect point to watch the wildlife of Gatlinburg. For historians, it is the place to learn a great deal about the early settlers.

  • Titanic Museum

Pigeon Forge has the most famous museum called Titanic Museum. The structure of the museum is made such that it resembles the design of the original Titanic ship. The visitors are given a boarding pass at the entrance that contains the titanic story. At the end of the tour, there is a place to check which passenger your pass belongs to. Moreover, the museum has hundreds of authentic artifacts, which are organized across 20 galleries. During the busy time of the year, the museum witnesses the visit of 3000 individuals daily.

  • Dollywood

Dollywood is another gem of Pigeon Forge and a very famous theme park. All the attractions aside, this place has its charm. Travel in the Dollywood express steam train provides a 20 minutes excursion in which you enjoy terrific views. For country music lovers and those who love Dolly Parton’s music, this is the place to visit. However, if you are not a very big fan, this place presents entertainment to all kinds of people. With all the thrilling rides, festivals, live concerts, this always-busy theme park witnesses around three million tourists per year. Now you can estimate this place’s fame and analyze how worth visiting this family amusement and theme park is.

  • Rainbow Hall

Located at the rock city in Tennessee, if you haven’t seen this piece of heaven, you haven’t seen anything. However, it is artificially made by placing windows covered with gel, which creates a colorful aura in the air. In addition, as a bonus, you will also see a stunning view of 400 native species of flowers at rock city.

  • Knoxville

This place is known for delicious southern food and enriched in a sports culture where sports enthusiasts from all over the US unites. It is situated on the Tennessee River in the eastern part of the state. Apart from the fact that Knoxville is one hour away from the Smoky Mountains national park, there are many attractions within this place. You can visit popular spots like the Tennessee Amphitheater, Worlds’ Fair Park, and pedestrian Market Square. You can roam around, shop, see colorful buildings, get yourself a cup of coffee from the very famous cafés, and much more.

  • Memphis

Memphis is the musical heritage of Tennessee, and you will also find many historical places like the Cotton museum and the Davis Manor plantation, which shows the essence of the era 1800s. In addition, the attractions are not just for historians but art lovers, children, outside activists alike. There are multiple museums like the Dixon Gallery, the Children’s Museum of Memphis, and the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art for children and art lovers.

Final Words

Tennessee is home to various happening cities full of activities for people of all ages. Whether you are a couple, family with children, or a group of friends, Tennessee is the state that has so much to offer that you will get tired of enjoying its attractions. Most people want to make the most of their vacations and do as many things as possible in one trip, but there is always something left for the next tour.

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