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  • About My Travel Finances

    The financial side of perpetual world travel.

  • New Malaysia Foreigner Tax Shows The Mentality Of A Third World Country

    Malaysia imposes an additional tax on foreigners, but it’s not the tax itself that’s appalling.

  • Travelex Is One Of The Biggest Thieves In Travel

    I get hosed by Travelex … again.

  • Pay Boxes In Georgia

    Paying bills, taxes . . . anything is easy in Georgia.

  • How Travel is a Continuous Exercise in Buying Shit

    How to navigate the excessive amounts of purchases you will be making when traveling.

  • China Is Still A Cheap Country To LIVE In

    I was recently asked by a friend how much it costs to live in China. I had to think about this for a moment, and then replied, “China is incredibly cheap to live in, but it’s not so cheap to travel in.” No matter what country you’re in, living there or traveling there puts you [...]

  • How Much Money to Travel in China

    To put it bluntly, the cost of traveling in China has raised drastically over the past five years. Not only is the exchange rate for Chinese RMB less in the favor for travelers with their cash store in dollars or Euros but the actually costs for many essential products, services, and tourism related activities have [...]

  • How Much Money to Travel in Ukraine

    Ukraine, like many countries has the potential to be fairly cheap or fairly expensive. If you want to travel quickly, staying in fairly nice hotels and eating out in nice restaurants you may find that Ukraine is more expensive than you would have thought. But, like any country, there are cheap ways to visit. The [...]

  • How Much Money to Travel in New Zealand?

    I am interested in traveling to New Zealand, how much money do I need per day? per week? per month? This is a collection of the cost records of travelers who have visited New Zealand. Please submit below in a comment how much money it cost you to travel in New Zealand. Share with other [...]

  • Best Banks for International Travelers With Lowest ATM Fees and Less Surcharges

    When I look at my bank account and see some random fee or surcharge I can’t help but feel ripped off. Why shouldn’t I after all? I was just charged some amount of money for an asinine fee: “Sorry, you didn’t have any direct deposits this month” or “Sorry, you made one too many withdrawals [...]