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Missing The Toilet Now Illegal In Shenzhen

How else can the Chinese government improve aim? Fines? The pee posse has been rounded up in Shenzhen.

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Apparently, the new national character problem that’s being purged in China is men missing the toilet when urinating. This has been an issue for many years, and has usually just resulting in signs being posted above toilets reminding users to hit the mark or janitors armed with mops who clean up after each pisser who doesn’t quite get it all in the bowl. But Shenzhen just instituted a new law decreeing that any man who pisses outside the pot will be fined 100 RMB (around $16).

It is not quite clear to anybody — the lawmakers included — how these fines will be given out or enforced, but everything from pee monitor chengguan to little cameras and sensors that can detect errant squirts have been suggested.

Now, I agree that Chinese men have notoriously poor aim — on the floor in front of each is usually a puddle of remarkable size — but in a country with mind blowing air, water, and soil pollution, regular contaminated food scares, bird flu outbreaks, outdated social restrictions, and a draconian legal system, it is unbelievable that stray dribbles of urine merits the time and effort to legislate against.


Signs posted above every urinal in Shanghai South Station encouraging better aim Puddles of urine under urinal. Apparently, the signs don’t work so well.
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  • Jack Woods September 1, 2013, 11:39 am

    Golly, go into a restroom at a Walmart in the US and you’ll see that American men can’t hit the target either. As exhibited by your crotch post, like Chinese men, us American men have too large of a wild beast to tame when it comes to aiming.

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