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  • Blacksmiths in Urfa Turkey

    Blacksmiths in Urfa Turkey Video I was walking through the market in Sanliurfa when I came upon a section that was reserved for blacksmiths. I watched for a moment as a man ordered a shovel to be made by hand over an open flame. I asked if I could make a video, and the blacksmith [...]

  • Gobekli Tepe Archaeology Story

    Gobekli Tepe Archaeology Site Story I received a tip off more than a month ago from the Hobotraveler’s Indian techie, Andrew, that I should write a story about the Gobekli Tepe archaeology site in the southeast of Turkey. Since then, I made contact with the German Archaeology Institute, who is excavating the site, and researched [...]

  • How to Find an English Teaching Job in Istanbul

    Hello Jen, There are virtually hundreds of English schools in Istanbul, and it is more than possible to find work. But it just takes some time. It took me nearly a month of trying before offers began coming in, and at this point I was ready to  leave the city. Most schools seem to want [...]

  • Archaeology Fieldwork in Turkey

    Hello Alison, I have not really looked too hard for any archaeology jobs in Turkey – I just did some interviews and research with the crew on Gobekli Tepe for a magazine article – but I do not have too much confidence that there is a CRM industry in this country. All of Turkey is [...]

  • Hasankeyf Ancient City Eastern Turkey

    Hasankeyf: Another ancient city to be destroyed in TurkeyThe history of Hasankeyf goes back 10,000 years. This is three times longer than the Giza pyraids, 10 times longer than Stonehenge, and makes the glorious civilizations of the Maya and Inca seem as if they were flourishing just yesterday. Hasankeyf is one of the oldest places [...]

  • Hello Obama in Turkey Music Video

    Hello Obama in Turkey Music VideoAfter months of anticipation – and everyone talking to me about it – Barak Obama has arrived in Turkey.The fanfare here is out of this world. Every television station has Obama on it or people talking about Obama, every newspaper has his half black face all over it, and the [...]

  • Kir Pidesi Cheap Turkish Food

    Kir Pidesi Cheap Turkish Food All cash strapped travelers to western Turkey should remember these words:Kir PidesiKir PidesiKir PidesiFor you will invariably be saying them a lot during your visit. Kir pidesi is simply baked bread stuffed with cheese, meat, or spinach.The best part: they cost only 30 to 60 cents each, and two is [...]

  • New Travel Help Website

    New Travel Help Website – Ask Travel QuestionsAs part of my New Year’s Resolution efforts to deliver more pertinent and poignant travel information, I have transformed the Travel Questions Forum into its own site called Travel Help. The purpose of this website is to provide a better place to publish reader directed questions and answers. [...]

  • How to Get to Iraq from Turkey

    Hello Jackie, To get to Iraq from Turkey you can take a bus from Istanbul to Silopi and then cross the border by taxi. There is a very good chance that you will be able to go straight from the airport to the bus station in Istanbul and ride directly to Silopi. But it may [...]

  • Hotel in Midyat Turkey

    Hotel in Midyat, Turkeyor, Take a bad situation and let it turn itself aroundWe walked into the lobby of the Hotel Yuvam in Midyat, Turkey to find a kid in his early twenties working the front desk. He spoke zero English and could not fully make out our intentions in Turkish. Eventually, he realized that [...]