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  • Good places to Travel in Yemen

    Recommended Travel Destinations in Yemen This is a collection of recommended cities, towns, villages, and other locations to travel to in Yemen, as well as suggested attractions and activities. Sana’a According to a Yemenite legend, this city, founded by Sem, Noah’s son, was one of the first human settlements ever. Until 1962 the city was [...]

  • Turkey Travel Guide

    Turkey is a country that is uniquely located in both Europe and Asia. It is bordered by Greece and Bulgaria to the west, Georgia to the northeast, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran to the east and Iraq and Syria to the southeast. Turkey also has coastline on the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and Aegean Sea.

  • Israel Travel Guide

    Below are topics and categories that are important for travelers going to Israel. Browse the topics and submit links, comments, ideas, and information wherever you can to assist other travelers in Israel.

  • Cheap Accommodation in Israel – Backpacker Hostels, Camping, and Volunteering

    How to find cheap accommodation in Israel? Look right past the hotels and onto the hostels and camping facilities. With a little wit and determination, you can even sleep in Israel on the cheap. Here’s how!

  • Iraq Border Crossing

    Iraq Border Crossing – Getting there and away This page is a collection of information, stories, questions and answers about crossing the Iraqi border. Did you ever cross a land border into or out of Iraq If so, please let us know of your experience below. What documents are necessary for a traveler from your [...]

  • Israel Border Crossing

    Crossing the border to and from Israel This page is to provide information about crossing the Israel border, both coming into the country from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan and exiting as well. Did you ever cross a land border into or out of this Israel? If so, submit a record of your experience below. What does [...]

  • What is the Weather Like in Israel in Winter

    Q: What is the weather like in Israel in the winter? What clothing should I bring? A: As for weather in Israel in January, think autumn. Expect temperatures between 5 and 20 degrees Celsius, 40 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit depending on your location in the country. In the south around Eilat, the temperature will be higher, [...]

  • Receiving a Syrian Visa at Border and then Overstaying Experience

    This story comes from a reader named Marc Davies and documents his experience of trying to enter Syria without a pre-arranged visa, being awarded a transit visa at the border, overstaying it, and then exiting the country cleanly. This story shows the great division between official immigration policy and actual policy. Marc’s journey went off [...]

  • Israelis Travel in Hostile World

    Israelis Travel Through a Hostile World Israeli culture is one part Arab (basically) one part European Jew (basically). Within the past century Jews from North Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the USA convened together in the biblical lands and Israel was created. A new culture was formed in the process. Hebrew was resurrected from [...]

  • Adventures in Syria

    By the time we arrived in Syria, my belly had grown round and my feet had grown slow. I was ready to start traveling slow, but we had plane tickets back to the US in two weeks from Cairo. After leaving Iraq and going back to Eastern Turkey for a couple more weeks, we crossed [...]