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  • Israel Travel Guide

    Below are topics and categories that are important for travelers going to Israel. Browse the topics and submit links, comments, ideas, and information wherever you can to assist other travelers in Israel.

  • Cheap Accommodation in Israel – Backpacker Hostels, Camping, and Volunteering

    How to find cheap accommodation in Israel? Look right past the hotels and onto the hostels and camping facilities. With a little wit and determination, you can even sleep in Israel on the cheap. Here’s how!

  • Israel Border Crossing

    Crossing the border to and from Israel This page is to provide information about crossing the Israel border, both coming into the country from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan and exiting as well. Did you ever cross a land border into or out of this Israel? If so, submit a record of your experience below. What does [...]

  • What is the Weather Like in Israel in Winter

    Q: What is the weather like in Israel in the winter? What clothing should I bring? A: As for weather in Israel in January, think autumn. Expect temperatures between 5 and 20 degrees Celsius, 40 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit depending on your location in the country. In the south around Eilat, the temperature will be higher, [...]

  • Israelis Travel in Hostile World

    Israelis Travel Through a Hostile World Israeli culture is one part Arab (basically) one part European Jew (basically). Within the past century Jews from North Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the USA convened together in the biblical lands and Israel was created. A new culture was formed in the process. Hebrew was resurrected from [...]

  • Jordan Israel Egypt Travel Summary

    These past travelogue entries from the Middle East have brought me to the conclusion that I am a penny pinching, incorrigible, uptight, money conscious geek and that the people of Egypt, Jordan, and Israel are money grubbing liars and cheats.This was my experience, but my experience was greatly limited by circumstance.For the sake of introspection, [...]

  • Travel by Land – Egypt, Israel, Jordan

    Transportation to cross borders between Egypt, Israel, and Jordan

    The border crossings between Egypt, Israel, and Jordan are very much frequented by tourists, and transportation options are readily available. Taxis, buses, and minibuses ply these borderlands regularly.

  • Should I Bring a Knife to Israel?

    Did the Israel border give you any problems bringing your knife in the country?

    To answer your question, no, we were not given any problems bringing knives into Israel at the border. The Israelis checked our bags with an x-ray machine, but they did not give us any flak about the 6-inch Bedouin knife in Chaya’s rucksack. I really would not worry too much about it. But I also would not recommended not bringing a knife that is sentimental or expensive, as I suppose that there is a possibility that it could be confiscated.

  • Travel by Car from Jordan to Israel

    How is Traveling from Jordan to Israel?

    If you look like tourists and you have your own car the route from Jordan to Egypt should be no problem at all.

    Just cross the Israeli border from Aqaba (10 km from city) and go through Eilat to Egypt (Taba). You could drive this route in under a half hour. Including border formalities — assuming you do not have Iraq or Syrian stamps in your passports and already possess Egyptian visas — I would say that you should be in Egypt in under two hours.

  • Transit Visa to Jordan

    I am planning on taking a low budget airline to Amman (Jordan) and then enter Israel from there. What I need to know is would I need a tourist visa to Jordan?