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Medical Care

  • Dave from TLWH Gets Surgery in Thailand

    Our old friend Dave from TheLongestWayHome.com just went under the scalpel in Thailand.

  • The Great American Exchange: Liberty for “Safety” and the Middlemen Who Profit

    Even buying contact lenses in this country is to run a gauntlet of laws, regulations, and protocol.

  • Why I’m Thankful for the Twigs, Cocoons, and Cicada Moltings in my Soup

    There are two rounds of medical care in China: allopathic, or western medicine, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Which do you think I go for?

  • Inside A Chinese Hospital: Are Those Trays Of Blood?

    A tray of blood pushes me to the brink of cultural relativity.

  • Urine From Public Toilets in China Used to Make Medicine

    Human urine is collected in the public toilets of Taizhou, China to be made into medicine.

  • Doctors and Medical Care in China

    There are two main types of medical care in China: Western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The Chinese tend to use both of these mutually exclusive systems. For some ailments (such as broken bones, infections, acute problems) many Chinese people will go to the Western doctor. But for more chronic issues or to cultivate [...]

  • Doctors and Medical Care in Moldova

    Moldova is a small country in Eastern Europe bordered by Ukraine and Romania. The Moldova health care network is still seen as substandard, even though it has been improving recently. Travelers to Moldova are encouraged to seek all routine care elsewhere, before going to Moldova.  Hospital equipment and accommodation can be lacking and shortages of particular medicines [...]

  • Medical Care in Norway

    Find Doctors and Health Care in Norway The standard of medical care is very high in Norway, and finding a doctor who speaks English should be no problem. Medical treatment, however can be expensive for a foreign visitor. Travelers in Norway who have a medical emergency or need urgent care should go the nearest Legevakt [...]

  • Doctors and Medical Care in South Korea

    Find Traditional and Western Health Care in South Korea There are two kinds of health care in South Korea: traditional Korean medicine, called “hanyak” (한약) and what would be defined as western or modern medical care. Depending on your ailment, the urgency of the care you need, and what you’re willing to pay, each system [...]

  • Doctors and Medical Care in Andorra

    How to Find Good Health Care in Andorra Since Andorra is such a small country, many travel to Spain or France for better healthcare resources. That being said, good medical care is available in Andorra. The biggest hospital is Hospital Nostra Senyora de Meritxell (pronounced meri-chai) in Escalades-Engordany, an eastern suburb of Andorra La Vella. [...]