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  • How I Make Money From My Blogs Via Advertising

    How I make — and don’t make — money from my blogs through advertising.

  • Torched From the Adsense Program (and Liberated from Pay Per Click Advertising)

    Update, 23/01/2013: After submitting an appeal, Adsense re-enabled ad serving to this site. I’m not sure if I’m going to put the ads back up, please read this article and tell me your opinion in the comments below. I received the proverbial pink slip from Google’s Adsense program a few days ago. They notified me [...]

  • How Much Money Can You Make With Chitika Ads?

    How much money can you make serving Chitika ads on your site? Pretty much none. Seriously, Chitika has to be one of the worst major ad platforms for publishers out there in terms of payouts. In point, you run their ads, send traffic to their clients, and you receive pennies — literally — in return. What [...]