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Make Money for Travel

  • Have This Skill And You Will Never Go Broke When Traveling Abroad thumbnail Have This Skill And You Will Never Go Broke When Traveling Abroad

    Want to ensure that you never find yourself broke on some foreign shore unable to find a job? Then get your teaching credentials.

  • Substitute Teaching, an Ideal Travel Job? thumbnail Substitute Teaching, an Ideal Travel Job?

    Want to earn some travel funds without committing to a long term job — or even one you need to do everyday? Try substitute teaching. Here’s how.

  • THIS Is The Ideal Travel Work Skill Set

    Make yourself financially bulletproof on the road: get these skill sets.

  • Top 10 Self-Employment Travel Jobs

    Want to live the double dream: traveling the world and working for yourself? Then check out these top ten self-employment travel jobs.

  • Get The Low Down On Working Abroad

    A primer for working while traveling abroad.

  • Begging For Travel Funds: An Effective Though Horrible Way To Make Money To Travel

    It is possible to travel around the world as a beggar, but I don’t know why you’d want to.

  • Make Money Working As A Wedding Photographer When Traveling

    For me, travelling has a lot of advantages and a few disadvantages. One of these disadvantages is that you only spend money while on the road. But fortunately, if you’re creative enough, you can make money while travelling. You can be an English teacher, work as an archaeologist, work at a hotel etc… In this [...]

  • Working and Making Money While Traveling Tips

    This is an abbreviated collection of ideas and suggestions for finding work and making money while traveling. Go to Vagabond Journey’s Work Abroad Blog or our series on Independent Travel Work for more in-depth information and tips. Archaeology Fieldwork Doing Archaeological fieldwork has been my main way of coming up with bean money on the [...]

  • Tips for Independent Travel Business

    A few months ago I began a series on independent travel businesses, and I went around and interviewed travelers who earn their own keep through running subsistence level micro-businesses. For this series, I interviewed traveling musicians, a tattoo artist, a mobile baker, an SEO consultant, a wandering shoe maker, a freelance writer, a vagabond massage [...]

  • How Perpetual Travelers Make Money

    The following is a correspondent question for Michael Robert Powell about how he has made the money to travel during his 22+ year journey across planet earth. “From reading The Candy Trail it is obvious that you know how to make the most out of spending money, but what have been your strategies for making [...]