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Vagabond Explorer Magazine


Vagabond Explorer challenges you to get outside the rounds of conventional tourism, get into the open air, and look the world directly in the face. Serving as the official magazine of Vagabond Journey Travel, in each issue we strive to give you the best on the ground travel reports, biting vagabonding narratives, tactical and money saving tips, and reviews of the top blogs, books, and gear made for the traveler.

Vagabond Explorer magazine reaches readers on the road and wanderers at heart with a blend of adventure and utility, its stories range from eyewitness reports of history in the making to interviews with wayfaring cubicle ditchers and insights on all the best tools for your next trip.

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The Vagabond Explorer Mission

Written by travelers for travelers, Vagabond Explorer magazine is travel writing with a shattered lens—a kaleidoscope of expression, opinion, and experience that is meant to give you the impetus, knowledge, and confidence to get out on open road . . . and stay there. Bringing together a wide-ranging team of vagabonds, hobos, travel writers, and freedom seekers, this magazine is written and produced by travelers for travelers. This is not a corporate magazine designed to sell you week long resort vacations and an umbrella in a cocktail view of the world. No, Vagabond Explorer is meant be an ode to the art of long term world travel. We believe that the deep value of travel is not found sitting back on pristine beaches, daubed in sun block, saying “Ah, ain’t this the life.” No, we believe that the essence of travel happens when you must learn something new, adapt to unfamiliar circumstances, get beyond your comfort zone,  and when you must explore not only other places on the globe, but other opinions, ideas, and worldviews as well.

Inside Volume 1

In its first issue, Vagabond Explorer spans the globe as it exposes the struggle for survival at the epicenter of Japan’s worse natural disaster, toasts sex and beer in Ethiopia, shows how to ride the rails in Australia for free, investigated the ends of nomadic life, teaches how to start an independent travel business, and flips the bird to life in a cubicle. This volume is an exploration into the arts of world travel, what is going on in the world, and how to see the action for yourself. All for free!

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