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Macau, the Booming Gambling Destination

Before you travel to Macau read this guide on the city’s gaming scene.

Casinos in Macau

Macau lives up to its name Vegas of Asia. Considered to be a prosperous city, the history of Macau prides itself on cultural diversity and influence. Contrary to other places in China, it’s the only place where gambling is allowed and has a serious influx of tourists from around the world. The economy contributes to more than half of its regular economy. The economy of the region is completely based around gambling, gaming, and tourism amounting to a nominal GDP of US$53.9 Billion. The territory is generating gambling revenue more than Las Vegas, at US$24 billion, which now stands at $37 Billion in 2018.


Macau’s regional economy is largely based upon gambling contributing to more than 70% of its economy. Gambling has a share of 60% in the overall economy of the region, making it the world’s 83rd largest economy. The territory has an active tourist population, mainly from China but also other parts of the world.


It’s hard to say what doesn’t exist in Macau. You have to think, and the chances are that it’s already there. It has a whopping 38 casinos in which you can play thousands of games like Blackjack, Baccarat roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Boule, Sic bo, Fan Tan, Keno and Slot machines. Apart from a few exceptions, most of the casinos stay open for 24 hrs. The casinos are highly regulated by the authorities and in case of any discrepancy, the problem-solving response of the authorities, as well as the house, are appreciable.

Horse racing

Apart from the regular activities, if you tend to have a taste of horse racing, Macau has no dearth of it. Here, horses are in abundance and betting on them is legit and common. However, there are certain days meant for horse racing and if you made it on Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday at Taipa island of Macau, make it to the racecourse. The racecourse can shelter 18000 people and is usually packed with people. If you’re not below 18, you can hit the bet. The horse racing had an overall turnover of 3,297,540,000 in 2003. You can either place your bet from the terminal or on the course, via the internet or even by a telephone.

Greyhound racing

If you want to place your bet on the greyhound, you need to make it on Monday, Thursday, Friday and on the weekends. It takes place at Canidrome, Avenida General Castelo Branco. The bets can be placed either on the racecourse or from various terminals located Hotel Lisboa, Jai-Alai Palace, and Kam Pek Casino.

Biggest casino

Macau is the home to the largest casino in the world. The casino has a gaming space of 550,000 square, resorting to the Venetian in Las Vegas to the second number. While the place is a replica of the Las Vegas Casino, it boasts of its space for the games. Not every day you see such a big casino. With its perfect design and majestic look, it’s destined to force any player to get in. After all, there is nothing like Macau. In case, you do not find any luck making your way into the biggest casino in Macau, get a feel of the experience by playing at the USA Friendly Poker Sites. They are safe and are known to bring the feel of playing at the greatest casinos at your fingertips.


In Macau, gambling is serious stuff, and Baccarat takes the front stage. So no blackjack, all you see is Baccarat. Though you can play other games, Baccarat is the hamburger here. In China, gambling is considered a necessary risk taken to preserve or plan for a future and Macau is full of those opportunities. Though most of the gambling happens on the open floor, the important player plays in the VIP suites.


Gambling and Macau are synonymous. Macau is what any gambler would dream of. From its towering casinos to organized racecourses, in other words, you just name a game, and you will find it. Slot machines that spin or the Blackjack, whether it’s the high-roller or the amateur, everybody finds their share of playing in the place. Above all, the territory boasts of its players, the best of the gambling players come to play, and if you’re into challenges, the game is on. Not only that, a good hand will send you home with a hefty amount. No one has returned empty from Macau, some with money, some with memories. Either way, you will bring something back.

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