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Look: Photos of Pangong Lake, Ladakh

Photos of the beautiful Pangong Lake in Ladakh.

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High up in Ladakh in the far north of India is the majestic Pangong-Tso. A beautiful lake that straddles the border between India and Tibet. In almost any other country this place would be THE natural wonder to see. In a country as large and vast as India though, it is just another place.

Traveling around the north of India on a Royal Enfield motorcycle, we decided to make the drive out. Along with some riders we met on the way, we headed off and spent a few blissful days doing a lot of nothing and enjoying the scenery.

There are several options for accommodation, some are more up-heel catered for tour groups and their horrific generators. Most of the guesthouses are clustered together and offer basic and cheap places to sleep. Of course, they also offer good views.


The water at the lake is crystal clear. We were told by locals that nothing lives in the lake but we did see a few small fish swimming around.

No matter where you wander in India there is always a cow somewhere. We begged this one not to mistake of crossing over into China. Despite our pleas about his holy status in India, the cow seemed content on ignoring us.

Pangong 1_DCE
Nothing left to do except enjoy some ‘funny’ cigarettes and enjoy the view.


All in all a perfect destination for a ride on an Enfield. The trip had everything, beautiful views, ancient monasteries along with lond, windy roads.


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