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Saturday on Rhodes.

RHODES, Greece- The guy at the pizza place told me I should go to Lindos. So that’s what I did today.

Saturday mornings we go for drives in the car. Lindos was an hour away on the exact opposite side of the island. Before today I didn’t think Rhodes was big enough to drive for an hour somewhere without going in concentric circles.

Lindos is a historic town built around an acropolis. It’s been adapted to be a tourist town — most of the houses had been turned into shops, cafes, and bars long ago. But there was nobody really in them. It’s still the off-season on Rhodes, and most of the people who run these businesses are still elsewhere.

However, there were signs of people starting to get ready for the hoards that will certainly come soon. As we walked up the winding paths to get to the acropolis shopkeepers were washing windows and painting walls.

We came to Rhodes at exactly the right time — right when the reservoir is completely full but just before the dam bursts.

Hannah and I drank little bottles of wine as we approached the acropolis which could better have been described as a castle. It sat on a hilltop that ran right into the sea. We sat up there and hung out.

What else can I say about it?

It was a nice day and the nice days are always the hardest to write about.

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