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  • One Year On the Road

    Puno, Peru- It’s been a year since I last spent a single second of my time making any type of income or sleeping under the same roof for any considerable amount of time. I left Cleveland on July 26th and since then I’ve been wandering the northern and southern hemispheres at free will. It’s been [...]

  • Adventures in the Peruvian Amazon

    Off The Beaten River – Adventures in the Peruvian Amazon Matthew Barker Deep in the dark heart of the Amazonian jungle it’s not the big beasts you have to worry about. Thankfully, the jaguars and the snakes tend to keep their distance. In any case, our three-fingered guide Achiles had his gun handy at all [...]

  • Back in the USA

    Upstate New YorkJuly 10, 2007“. . . even a rolling stone requires an occasional handful of moss.”-Harry Franck, Working North from PatagoniaAlpacas in Bosque de Piedras, Peru, 2001.As I ended up back in the USA I figure that I am afforded the opportunity to think through some of my previous travels and dig into the [...]