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  • Micro Brews – A Small but Growing Beer Culture in South America

    Baños, Ecuador- I have yet again gravitated to another Brewpub. This time in Baños, Ecuador. By this point I have been to quite a few South American brew pubs and tasted a fair number of micro brews in Argentina, Bolivia and Ecuador and they have been a mixed bag of beer brewing success. As I [...]

  • The Art of the Panama Hat

    Montecristi, Ecuador- “Buy me a hat.” Before I left those four words were thought and uttered by my father to be heard and stored in my mind to be acted upon now after thirteen months and several thousand miles of travel on planes, boats, motorcycles and, of course, buses. More specifically he asked for a [...]

  • A Beach Bust

    Montañita, Ecuador- This is a town that gives hippies wet dreams. They all know it too. That’s why they’re all here. That’s why they’re selling their useless trinkets in the streets along with jewelry, home-made sandals and tie-dyed cotton clothing . That’s why they’re juggling and playing the bongo’s in the streets. They have arrived [...]

  • Half Alive

    Cuenca, Ecuador- I should like this city. It’s right up my alley. Not too big. Not too small. Beautiful architecture. Markets. Clean. Friendly people. But I don’t. I don’t dislike it either but I just can’t seem to get ‘into it’. The city feels half alive. Half of it’s stores are open at any given [...]

  • Taking the Backdoor into Ecuador

    Vilcabamba, Ecuador- Cumbia. Why does it have to be Cumbia and why does he have to be blasting it at 5:30 am? Why does he also have to sing along? My previous seed of dislike for the style of music has begun to bloom into full-blown hatred. Especially the synthesized, tinny sounding Peruvian version. Every [...]

  • Ecuador Sells No Oil to Preserve Yasuni

    Ecuador Sells No Oil for 3.6 Billion Dollars The government of Ecuador has been threatening to damage their Yasuni National Park — which, reputedly, houses the region of highest biodiversity in the entire Western Hemisphere — with oil drilling for many years. Former heads of states, famous biologists, environmentalists, and the usual legion of poster [...]

  • 340 Travel Photos

    SOSUA, Dominican Republic-We are back to publishing 50 photos a day on Vagabond Journey.com. The following are links to new travel photos from Chaya’s pre-Vagabond Journey travels. They encompass her travels in South Africa, Thailand, and Ecuador and are displayed on pages of 10 photos each.

  • Ecuador Photos

    The following is a collection of photographs from Ecuador. They are divided up into individual pages of 10 photos with captions each. To view the pictures just click on the links below. Ecuador Photos 2007 The following pages contain photos from Ecuador that were taken in 2007. Anti Free Trade protest in Ecuador Indigenous communities [...]

  • Taliban in Ecuador

    Taliban Brothel in EcuadorI just received the following transmission from Stubbs. It is from his-friend-Mike who is a Peace Corps volunteer in Peru:“hey show this one to wade if you see him. i d like to know his take as a journalist. also is it permissible to post something like this on a blog in [...]

  • Travels of Old/ New Website

    Upstate New YorkJuly 24, 2007“He who does not travel does not know the value of men.”-Moorish proverb“Our nature lies in movement; complete calm is death.”-Pascal“To live in one land, is captivitie, to runne all countries, a wild roguery.”-Donne’ third ‘ElegieThe “Cancion del Vagabundo” website is now up. It can be visited at: http://canciondelvagabundo.googlepages.com/ I do [...]