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  • Walking to Valparaiso from Vina del Mar

    VALPARAISO, Chile- Santiago’s port, or so Valparaiso is stated to be. I walked here this morning from Vina del Mar. An interesting walk down Ave. Espana along the coast. Transporting myself under my own power was the preferable option to dealing with the absurdity of trying to find a bus that would take me not [...]

  • Leaving Santiago Chile for Vina del Mar

    VINA DEL MAR, Chile- After being sent around to various bus stations in Santiago, it became apparent that getting a bust to Salamanca was not woth the effort. So I looked at the bust postings at the Pullman south booth it looked as if Vina del Mar was well serviced. So, as I simply wanted [...]

  • The Bright Side of Travel

    SANTIAGO, Chile- I have returned to Santiago. In travel, you leave places, perhaps never to return, perhaps to find yourself looking face to face at what you thought you would not look upon again. The rain was a bit much in the south of Chile. Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas, beautiful places but rain, rain, rain. [...]

  • Weather in Southern Chile in Winter

    PUERTO VARAS, Chile- I left Puerto Montt today. It was quite the miserable place. I am now in Puerto Varas, a tourist town with few foreigners at this time of year — the winter. I can see why: it is cold and it rains, or has just stopped raining, or is about to rain ALL [...]