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  • Tarabuco: Some Cool Hats and One Great Statue

    Sucre, Bolivia – For the last month and a half I’ve had ‘Tarabuco Market’ on my list of things to do while in Sucre. It’s not in Sucre but the 65 kilometer drive makes it an easy trip that’s possible each Sunday. Any of the dozens of tourist agencies in downtown Sucre will sell you [...]

  • One Week To Go

    Sucre, Bolivia – As each day passes August 2nd looms bigger and bigger in my head. I feel as if I have yet to see much of Bolivia but at the same time think I’ve experienced more of the country and its culture by not moving around than most other travelers who pass through on [...]

  • Vagabond Explorer Magazine Has Arrived!

    Sucre, Bolivia – I don’t ready many magazines. Actually, at the moment I read no magazines. I hardly read the news or know about any current events in the world. If it’s important enough someone will tell me about it. For example, I first heard of the earthquakes in Japan while hitching in Chile from [...]

  • A Lack of Idleness

    Sucre, Bolivia- There hasn’t been a spot that I’ve traveled to that I haven’t wanted to leave until now. After one month of Sucre I’m still not ready to leave so I’ve decided to stay throughout June. I get booted out of Bolivia on August 2nd so I’ll hit the road again in July to [...]

  • A Narration of the Last 24 Hours

    Sucre, Bolivia – I’ve been in Sucre for two and a half weeks now and for most of that time I’ve neglected updating this blog on any type of regular basis. The main reason is because I wasn’t sure what to write about and I’ve enjoyed taking a break from all things travel related. But, [...]

  • 25th of May – Bolivia’s Independence Day

    Sucre, Bolivia- Since I arrived in Sucre the sound of marching bands has filled the city. Everyday it’s been drums, trumpets and a host of other brass instruments filling the air as each school prepares for Bolivia’s Independence Day – 25th of May. While the capital of Bolivia has moved to La Paz, Sucre still [...]

  • A New Home. A New Look.

    Sucre, Bolivia- In the past, Wade from Vagabondjourney.com has asked me to transfer my blog and start writing on his site. In the past I’ve said no. There was something appealing about having my own space on the internet. When Wade asked me again and set-up all the groundwork to make it an easy transition [...]

  • Trusting my Gut and Staying in Sucre

    Sucre, Bolivia I think I have a good thing going here and I’m not moving…for a little while at least. I arrived in Sucre and immediately had the feeling that a person gets when leaving work on a Friday afternoon – Pure joy and excitement for the near future. There is something about this city [...]

  • A Rich Past and a Present Struggle

    Potosí, BoliviaAfter an unexpected day of freezing temperatures with snow and rain I woke up today with a clear blue sky and warmish temperatures. Such is the weather when your 4000 meters up in one of the highest cities in the world. Potosí itself is a pleasant city, however, with a look around one can [...]

  • It’s All Just Honky Dory in Bolivia

    Potosí, BoliviaI’m really not sure what to write about at the moment. I’m enjoying Bolivia but I haven’t been able to put my thoughts and experiences of the last few days into words. So much seems the same but a quick look out the window tells me that Bolivia has its own culture and vibe [...]