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  • Goin’ South

    Puerto Madryn, ArgentinaI’m not sure how people live in Buenos Aires. If I lived my entire life in B.A. I would surely be dead by now from partying too hard. No matter how hard you try you can’t help but go out at night and then wake up in the afternoon dehydrated and not wanting [...]

  • How I Spend My Days

    Buenos Aires, ArgentinaOn Thursday I leave Buenos Aires for a trip to Patagonia. This city was amazing and I’ll be sorry to leave it. Each day here follows a similar routine. I begin my days reluctantly climbing out of bed at around noon. Groggy and hungover I would head to the San Telmo market to [...]

  • Professional Thievery

    Buenos Aires, Argentina – It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Buenos Aires. Mid 80’s. Sunny blue sky. The street cafes were full and people were lying in the park sunbathing. I took a trip to Recoleta to visit the cemetery and stroll through the parks. I was thoroughly enjoying my day with a smile [...]

  • Lovin’ It

    Buenos Aires, ArgentinaI’m not sure why the Rio de la Plata is called the Rio de la Plata. There is nothing silver about it. The river is more of a milky-coffee brown in color. If I were naming the river I think ‘Rio Café con Leche’ would be more appropriate. I only bring this up [...]

  • How to use Couchsurfing.org in South America

    ARGENTINA, South America- Okay, so I do feel a little bit guilty, relying on people’s hospitality, but what can I do? They’re just so damn hospitable!

  • WWOOFing Organic Farm Work in Argentina

    SAN ANDRES DE GILES, Argentina- Argentina’s economy was built on farming, on its famous beef, exported to Europe by the shipload.

  • Buy a DVD and Support Grupo Alavio

    Buy a DVD and support Grupo Alavío! By my old friend, Marie TrigonaGrupo Alavío would like to send a special holiday greeting and give a special fund raising appeal. Keep the group’s video production and website Ágora TV up and running by purchasing a DVD. We are completely viewer-funded and volunteer based: your contributions help [...]

  • Friends in Argentina

    MENDOZA, Argentina- I met a Japanese girl named Yumi in La Plaza Independencia today. I was walking by some artisan booths and I heard her having some trouble communicating in Spanish. So I stood next to her, trying to find a way in so I could help her out. She turned to me: “Do you [...]

  • Currency Devaluation In Argentina and Impact on Travel

    MENDOZA, Argentina- In a minor bit of confusion as to how much is a proper tip in this country and how much would be insulting I walked out of the little cafe without leaving one at all. I suppose I need to expect these gaps of understanding when operating in a new culture and using [...]