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  • Two Lives Compared

    The Side of the Road, ArgentinaI was a happy traveler once again on the move out of Asuncion and out of Paraguay. I moved through immigration easily and was welcomed to Argentina for the fourth time. I was traveling on one of the double decker luxury buses that have come to spoil me. I had [...]

  • Wonderful Water

    Puerto Iguazu, ArgentinaThere is only one word to describe Iguazu Falls – Unreal. Even after seeing them I doubt whether they actually exist. I must have dreamed it because sights like this only exist in a fantasy world created by Hollywood. Or so I thought. From Iguazu Falls 2011-04Real or a shot from ‘Avatar’? Legend [...]

  • Catching Some Rays

    Cordoba, ArgentinaIt’s been way too long since I’ve caught any waves, sand and sun simultaneously (I think it was last in January). Being so long ago and so close to an ocean in Valparaíso I couldn’t allow this streak continue. Valparaíso itself is no beach town; just a lot of freighters unloading cargo but ten [...]

  • Malberific

    Maipú, ArgentinaI was in Mendoza for one reason and one reason only – Wine. Being the central wine spot for all of Argentina visiting Mendoza without visiting a winery would be the same as not visiting a winery while in Napa Valley. The actual city of Mendoza didn’t do much for me. It’s just another [...]

  • On the Side of the Road from Bariloche to Mendoza

    Mendoza, ArgentinaAfter I bought some shoes in Bariloche there wasn’t much else to hold my attention. The town is perched on the edge of a lake with mountains in the distance and most people visit the town for hiking, skiing and taking in the beautiful surroundings. I had just spent a month in Patagonia and [...]

  • Next Steps and Wet Feet

    Bariloche, ArgentinaThud…Thud…Thud. The rain clouds have yet to finish dumping rain in La Junta and a pool of collected rain water continues to drip against the corrugated metal roof above me. The consistency of the drip keeps me awake and in the sleepless midnight hour thoughts of my next steps begin to clutter my mind. [...]

  • The Reality of Solo Long-term Travel…And Some Other Stuff

    Los Antiguos, ArgentinaYou will be pushed out of your comfort zone.You will be that ‘smelly person’.You will get tired of wearing the same clothes.You will see amazing sights.You will meet interesting people.Your boundaries of understanding will grow.Your standards of what’s ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ will be altered.You will have times of feeling completely alone. You will [...]

  • Patagonia at its Finest

    El Chalten, ArgentinaThe drive into El Chalten was the most beautiful drive I have been on. Ever. Period. Lying before me was the usual flat, rocky terrain with small scrubby grass that I have grown accustomed to seeing over the past week. Slightly further beyond was a pristine Patagonian mountain lake stretching across the land [...]

  • Ice Cold

    El Calafate, ArgentinaWhile other glaciers are shrinking the Perito Morino glacier is growing. This glacier was meant to be an attraction. Sitting around 80 km outside of El Calafate it’s easy to get to. From Buenos Aires it only involves a 41 hour bus ride covering 1,500 miles to Rio Gallegos. From there it’s another [...]

  • Touring in Patagonia

    Puerto Madryn, ArgentinaHmmm…Peninsula Valdes or Punta Tombo? I don´t like tours but don´t have many other options to avoid them in this part of Patagonia if I wanted to view the regional wildlife. The prices in Argentina make things that were once possible in Central America prohibitive. $150 for one dive?! $75 for a tour? Absurd. But, I´m here and [...]