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  • Nicaragua Travel Guide

    Prepare for your travels to Nicaragua Use this guide to help you prepare for your travels to Nicaragua. Below are topics and categories that are important for travelers going to Nicaragua. Browse the topics and submit links, comments, ideas, and information wherever you can to assist other travelers in Nicaragua. Map of Nicaragua Nicaragua Country [...]

  • Food in Nicaragua

    What do you eat in Nicaragua? Each country in Central America, though all are relatively small and many share a similar culture with their neighbors, tend to have their own cuisine: certain foods that are highly prized. The information in this guide is about food in Nicaragua. What did you eat when you traveled to [...]

  • Travel Time from San Jose to Rivas Nicaragua

    Hi, I was also hoping to take a bus from San Jose to Rivas, and was wondering what the travel time was?

    You are looking at 6 hours to travel from San Jose to the Nicaraguan border, and then another 45 minutes to get to Rivas.

  • Travel from San Jose, Costa Rica to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

    How to travel from San Jose to San Juan del Sur Bus from San Jose to Nicaragua border or Tica Bus Take either local bus to the Nicaraguan border then go to Rivas then San Juan del Sur (or you can ask around, as their may be a bus that goes direct from the border). [...]

  • Nicaragua North of Managua

    Nicaragua North of ManaguaOld women with heads wrapped in bright colored scarfs smile toothless smiles from the backs of pickup trucks. Another woman who is all wrinkles from stem to stern tries to sell me fried goods from the window of my bus. I am riding through the Northern Nicaraguan countryside and the morning sun [...]

  • Tica Bus to Managua

    Tica Bus to ManaguaGetting near the lee side of a Tica Bus journey to Honduras. In Managua. This is the third time that I have been in this city. The first time I had nothing to gauge it off of because it was my first stop in Nicaragua, the second time I thought it was [...]

  • Fired from Archaeology Job

    Fired from Archaeology JobI just got fired from my archaeology job in Nicaragua. I suspect that the grad student who I was to be working really does not have anything going on. This is my suspicion. Oh well. Mira received this email letting us know that our “help is appreciated but not needed.” —————————————————–The email:Hey [...]

  • Going to Nicaragua

    Going to NicaraguaI am standing on the verge of leaving another country. I am happy. I am very ready to leave Costa Rica. The Nicaraguans are dangerous I was told so many times here that I figure I may as well go to Nicaragua.I also have work there. I really like having projects to do [...]

  • Archaeology Fieldwork in Nicaragua and Copan

    Archaeology Fieldwork in Nicaragua and CopanBy living, I call myself a traveler, by aspiration, a writer, but by trade, I always refer to myself as an archaeologist. I learned the profession on the Manabi Coast of Ecuador in 2000, and I have been doing professional fieldwork whenever I needed to make up a little bean [...]

  • Erik the Broken Hearted

    Erik the Broken Hearted and the Perils of Tropical Volcanoes Meknes, MoroccoOctober 2, 2007Hello Friends,I just entered this piece into Travel Stories Magazine’s 2007 writing contest. If you would like to you can vote for the following article by go to the following link: Erik the broken Hearted and clicking five stars on the scale [...]