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  • Clothing in Nicaragua

    Nicaraguans take pride in their appearance and will make sure their clothes are clean, even if they only have one or two outfits. Traditional Nicaraguan clothing includes a simple loose white shirt and long pants for men, with or without embroidery, a straw hat, and bandanna. Women wore embroidered dresses with full skirts, and some kind of kerchief [...]

  • Teach English in Nicaragua

    Nicaragua is a small country in Central America located between Honduras and Costa Rica. Those looking to teach English in Nicaragua will find the best pay and most opportunity in bilingual schools located in the capital city of Managua. Cost of living in Nicaragua isn’t expensive however, and if a teacher is willing to work [...]

  • Last Stop: Solentiname Islands

    San Fernando Island, Solentiname Islands, NicaraguaMore boat rides, more small, remote towns and more jungle. That’s what the Solentiname islands provide. So why am I going? Is there anything I haven’t seen here? Maybe I’ll just go to Panama City instead. I had already boated up the entire length of the Rio San Juan and [...]

  • Nicaraguan Frontier Journey Part II

    El Castillo, NicaraguaEl Castillo is one of those rare towns that has found a perfect balance in its identity. It’s remote but not too remote. There is a small tourist infrastructure but doesn’t choke all local feel out of the town. Like all other places I’ve been to in the last week and a half, [...]

  • Nicaraguan Frontier Journey Part I

    El Castillo, NicaraguaThere are few, if any, roads on the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua. There are, however, many rivers that empy into the Caribbean. Moving from one town to the next means long boat rides. For whatever reason this appealed to me. Maybe it was because it was a departure from taking buses. Or maybe [...]

  • Island Hopped

    Little Corn, Corn Islands, Nicaragua“Want to go to Little Corn?” asked Tez.“Sure. Do you know when the ferry comes?”“No, I’ll ask Stella.”The hotel owner looks at her watch. “Oh, sometime around 10:00.” It’s 9:45.We bundled up our stuff, threw on our packs and handed over a wad of money to Stella for two nights accommodation [...]

  • Where are my Picturesque Islands?

    Big Corn, Corn Islands, NicaraguaThe plane touched down and my first thought was, “Hmph, I pictured Caribbean islands as being sunny.” I’m not all that unjustified; the Bay Islands in Honduras were the picture of perfection. Instead, the sky was slate gray and it was windy. Really windy. It felt like there was a hurricane [...]

  • I Just Can’t Be Bothered

    León, NicaraguaChristmas was exactly how I wished it would be. Almost a non-event. The streets were quiet which was a nice reprieve from the normalcy of blaring stereos and muffler-less exhaust systems waking me in the morning. From LeonSome were into the Christmas spirit more than myself. One guy in the hostel renteda Santa suit [...]

  • Waiting for Hurricane Christmas to Blow Through

    León, NicaraguaI’m not a fan of Christmas. I haven’t been for years now. I’m no Scrooge but this holiday is completely over rated. In the U.S. I hated dealing with mobs of stressed out people in malls, ridiculous amounts of traffic, being bombarded with ads and, of course, the hokey holiday music. This year I [...]

  • Travel with Tattoos

    Traveling with Tattoos in Central America It is true that one of the physical characteristics of gang members or the “criminal” sect of Central America are often characterized by heavy and very visible tattooing, but it has not been my experience that, as a heavily tattooed traveler, I have ever been mistaken as a gang [...]