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  • Food in Belize

    What do people eat in Belize? Belizean food is a mix of Caribbean, Mexican and Central American influences. Given Belize’s geography, the star of its cuisine is sea food. Fresh fish, shellfish like lobster and crab, shrimp and conch are all used to make delicious dishes. If sea food is the star, the base of [...]

  • Days in Placencia

    Placencia, BelizeThe following are some random thoughts and events from the two days I spent in Placencia.New Friends:I spent part of an afternoon meeting some of the locals; Belican Lighthouse, Belican and Belican Premium. Belican Premium and I quickly became best friends as he’s the first that I’ve met with any real kind of personality [...]

  • First Thoughts on Belize

    Placencia, BelizeBorders are funny. They’re really only imaginary lines drawn in the earth but it’s amazing how widely cultures can vary on each side of these lines. It amazes me that each time I cross a border a whole new world opens itself up to me. I feel like a 4 year old child who [...]

  • Belize Island Hermits

    Hermits on the islands of Belize BELIZE ISLAND, Belize- “We are on a deserted island!” a young American tourist whooped upon landing on the white sands of a Belizean cayo. “That is a real stupid thing to say!” boomed an unexpected voice from the interior, “this island is not deserted, I’m here!” —————— It is [...]

  • Travel to Belize Islands

    Travel to Belize Cayos Cays Keys Islands BELIZE CAYOS, Belize — On my third incident of travel through the tapering isthmus of Central America, I have finally set foot on Belizean soil. I helped lead a tour out from the Finca Tatin in Guatemala to the southern cayos of Belize. A two hour speed boat [...]

  • Belize Too Expensive for Vagabond Family

    LIVINGSTON, Guatemala- I just withdrew 2000 quetzales out of an ATM in Livingstone, Guatemala. I will remain in this country until this money is gone, then make way for El Salvador. It would be a fool’s move to pay $50 for me and my wife to take a one hour boat ride just to turn [...]

  • Teach English in Belize

    English is a first language for most Belizeans, so it is not my impression that there are many job offerings for foreign English teachers. This is a collection of information on finding work as an English teacher in Belize. Employers- Submit descriptions of your job offerings and contact information below. Teachers- Post your employment resumes [...]

  • Not Going to Belize

    Not Going to BelizeI am not going to Belize. Nope. I will not enter that country this time around. Why? Because it is expensive and I would have to pay $19 to leave the place. Charge me $19 to enter somewhere, and I may think about it, as I would be paying to get something [...]