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Japanese Anime Can Affect Any Industry

Anime goes deep into Japanese culture.


Manga and anime are at the heart of every Japanese, and with every passing generation, the cult-like popularity of anime is growing. When Pokémon came out, skeptics considered it as something only kids watch, but the anime industry has crushed the global market in games, merchandising movies, and series. The quality of the shows has improved over time, and over 50 million people worldwide enjoy the genre.

Why Is Anime So Popular?

Anime keeps growing in popularity because of the nature of the stories. The stories and characters grow with their viewers. According to anime experts, the genre has become so popular because of how unconventional it is. It transfers people to a fantasy world beyond their dreams. Japanese anime storytelling has an intensity and attractiveness that viewers instantly fall in love with, which is why it has become widely popular with an adult audience.

The main reason that anime suddenly became so well known worldwide is that japan has an aging population and has been exporting the trade of anime fandom to countries like the United States, which has taken the fame of the culture to new heights.

The new anime caters to western tastes much more widely, so it is instantly famous in many more countries that are unaware of Asian culture. Famous anime producers like Tezuka have been pushing their work in international markets.

How Does This Affect Japan’s Culture?

Japan has a rich heritage. Anime is one side of the story, and then there is Pachinko. Pachinko is the age-old form of gambling in Japan. In major cities, you can find marketplaces full of bright pinball machines and shops with Japanese art, where tourists and gamblers try their luck. Almost every pachinko game including エヴァンゲリオン has huge risks and huge wins, which has made it the lifeblood of many gamblers.

With the rising popularity or Pachinko machines migrating to online casinos instead of traditional brick and mortar shops, two of Japan’s most influencing cultures have become interlinked.

Pachinko machines are story-intense games (think of ルパン) that keep the players hooked to the screen, and anime offers the kind of storytelling that pachinko machines are all about. This means, when anything is too famous, there will be a pachinko machine with the same theme. And anime pachinko machines have become the highlight of the gambling industry.

Ninja Gaiden is one such pachinko game based on the popular Ninja Gaiden series. The rendition of the series is crazy and flashy and has become insanely famous with the followers of the series. There are cool animations where Ryu slashes down enemies when you shoot the metal pinballs in the video games or a physical pinball machine. CR Garo is another that tells the story of a young boy abandoned by his family, who is found by a young girl that changes his life.

Anime and pachinko have become forever interlinked, and players couldn’t be more delighted.


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