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Jakarta Street Vendors Use Ladders to Subvert Paying Rent post image

Jakarta Street Vendors Use Ladders to Subvert Paying Rent

Many Indonesian street vendors do not have enough money to rent a booth inside the Jakarta Convention Center, but this doesn’t stop them from doing business.

Where there is a living to be made there is ingenuity. Some street vendors in Indonesia have figured out a way to sell their goods to customers at the Jakarta Convention Center by using nothing other than ladders. These merchants typically don’t have the cash to rent a booth inside the center, but they’ve found a cleaver loophole around this minor technicality. That’s right, they stand on their ladders on the other side of the convention center’s wall near the main entrance and enact their business transactions from above.

Photos from Kascus:

Have you ever observed street vendors using a clever tactic to sell their products? If so, let us know about it in the comments below.

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