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It’s Time to Discover Activities That Get You Into The Great Outdoors

How to enjoy the world outside the home and office.

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As we battle through each long harsh winter it can be tough to imagine that the weather’s ever going to be warm enough to venture out without multiple layers.

But, sure enough, spring comes around followed by summer and our thoughts turn to making the most of these precious months. And the best way to enjoy them is by getting out into the great outdoors, exploring places that we’ve never been before, indulging in new experiences, maybe even embracing whole new pastimes.

Sure, you can laze on a beach or by a hotel pool to relax and de-stress. But you’re going to enjoy a far more memorable and meaningful experience if you’re a little more active.

It’s not only enjoyable getting outdoors, but there are also some widely-recognized health benefits too. For a start, it’s the single most effective way to absorb the Vitamin D that we all need for healthy bones and blood cells. It’s also been proven to increase serotonin, a hormone linked to everything from maintaining happiness levels to aiding memory.

Then there are the benefits that you’ll enjoy if your outdoor activities are sociable ones giving you quality time to spend with friends and family.

So that’s the pitch for why to spend time outdoors, now how about some activities to indulge in?

Take to the water

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For centuries people have been heading out for the open sea to get away from the everyday. Once upon a time this was a fantastic way to literally get away from it all. But communications today mean that you’re never really going to escape from emails and phone calls.

That said, it’s still one of the greatest escapes that you can enjoy. After all, its going to be time spent away from your usual environment – dry land.

So, the first consideration is always going to be where you’re going to go – and the world really is your oyster.

For many, the Caribbean is an obvious choice. With many islands to explore, beautiful clear waters to swim in and the generally laid-back atmosphere wherever you choose to moor up it always makes for an idyllic break.

If your ambitions are going to take you further afield then the Mediterranean is another fantastic choice. A real favorite here is to cruise around the Greek Islands. There are no less than 227 of these around the country’s coastline. Sure, they’re not all inhabited but there are countless ones where you’re guaranteed a warm welcome in a seaside taverna or two.

There’s also the question of what kind of boat you’re going to have. These can range from superyachts if money’s no object to more modestly priced twin-hull catamarans or other sailing yachts. One of the best ways of seeing what’s available at your chosen destination is through a site like Borrowaboat

This is a site that brings together would-be seafarers with boat owners wanting to make a little money from their vessels when they’re not using them personally. Plus, if you like the idea of a holiday afloat but don’t know your tiller from your mainsail, you can also arrange the services of an experienced captain, and even a full crew, on the Borrowaboat site.

Enjoy a taste of the wild

Of course, life aboard a boat isn’t for everyone. But there is another way to enjoy a few days away in a completely different environment away from your usual domestic comforts – and that’s camping.

In fact, camping equipment today means that you can still stay in considerable comfort with air mattresses that promise a good night’s sleep and portable stoves and barbecues that mean you can cook well, wherever you are.

But the real benefit of camping is that it really does connect you with nature every single moment of the day. And few experiences are more satisfying than gathering round the campfire at night toasting marshmallows and discussing the day’s hike.

Best of all, in the US we are incredibly lucky to have some of the world’s most stunning national parks meaning you can wake up every morning to breath-taking scenery and a wealth of wildlife all around you.

Take to two wheels


It’s estimated that around 47 million Americans cycle on a regular basis, but there are still plenty of us that are yet to discover the pleasure of getting around on two wheels.

Unlike many holidays, this is one that will actually see you get fitter as the time goes on. It will also give you a unique way to notice far more about your surroundings compared with speeding through them in a car.

There are several different kinds of cycling holidays to enjoy whether you want to head from place to place on the road and at your own pace, try mountain biking across trails or just spend a little time each day out on recreational rides. 

You’ll find many holiday companies that specialize in cycling breaks and this includes making everything as easy as possible for you. So, they’ll not only be on hand with any bike maintenance that’s needed, they will also travel ahead with your luggage so it’s waiting for you at you destination at the end of each day.

So hopefully you’re now feeling a little more inspired to get out in the open air on your vacation whether it’s on sea or dry land. 

Whichever you choose, an unforgettable and invigorating break is guaranteed.


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