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Is it Safe to Travel in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a safe country to travel to if you use common sense to stay out of potentially dangerous situations like strikes, and show respect for the culture by dressing modestly.

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Dangers, warnings, and safety information for travelers in Bangladesh

The short answer: yes, it is safe to travel in Bangladesh. However, it is important to remember to be conscious of the culture and your surroundings. Most foreigners will have no problems traveling in Bangladesh, but please use common sense. This includes taking precautions about walking around alone in certain areas, and drawing attention to yourself by not dressing modestly or showing off expensive possessions such as cameras. There are people everywhere  (like taxi rivers) who will see a tourist as an opportunity to make money and will want to exploit the situation.

Women will want to be especially aware of how they dressing and presenting themselves. Remember this is a more conservative country. It is a good idea to keep your legs, chest and shoulders covered. It doesn’t hurt to wear a shalwar kameez, like the local women do. Remember that the best thing to do is look at what the women around you are wearing. A young Bangladeshi woman in Dhaka might wear jeans and a t-shirt, but a woman in conservative Muslim community might cover herself more.

Strikes and protests do occur in Bangladesh at times as a means of political action. It is best to avoid these situations completely.

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