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Invitation To Be On PBS

Getting close to a childhood dream.

It’s always been a small dream of mine to be a guest on one of those in-depth interview shows on PBS.

As a kid I would sneak out of my room at night and go out to the living room to watch TV. I would do this so that I could catch the nighttime programming on PBS — the long-form documentaries on obscure topics, the interview shows, the boring stuff. My favorite was Charlie Rose.

I’m laughing as I’m writing this. I was a 15-year-old Charlie Rose fan.

I always wanted to be on that show. To sit there in that chair opposite Charlie wearing a polka-dotted bow tie — I have no idea why, but I was always wearing a polka-dotted bow tie in those daydreams — talking in-depth about some topic or other that I was regarded as the reigning global expert on.

Well, Charlie hasn’t called yet. But I did receive an invitation to be a guest on an episode of the PBS series Great Decisions.

That’s pretty close, right?

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