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  • The Postmodern Vagabond: An Interview with Rolf Potts

    Rolf Potts has been traveling the world for over 15 years, documenting his experiences and insights for various magazines and websites, as well as in two books: the classic long term travel manual, Vagabonding, and a more recent collection of travel stories, Marco Polo Didn’t Go There. Vagabondjourney.com caught up with Rolf to inquire about [...]

  • AOL Article to be Published

    Update: the AOL article, that I mentioned in the previous entry (now removed), is set to be published Dec. 1. The link will be provided on the Vagabond Journey In the Press page upon publication.

  • Barolo Interview with Matthew Gavin Frank

    Six months of illegal work — picking grapes 14 hours a day, sleeping in a tent by night, talking with butchers, vintors, and tough guys the whole time in between —  has cumulated in a book called Barolo, the memoirs of Matthew Gavin Frank’s life as vineyard laboror in the Barolo region of Italy. If [...]

  • How to Become a Travel Writer Interview

    How to become a travel writer/ food journalist interview with the author of Barolo, Matthew Gavin Frank. Matthew Gavin Frank writes about food, he writes  about wine. Matthew Gavin Frank travels, too. Combined together, he makes up his bean money as a traveling food journalist. He is also an author, his book, Barolo — a [...]

  • Travel in Search of Home Interview

    “The Search for Home Continues,” is written at the top of Dave’s website, and this statement sums up his travels in full: Dave is not a traveler in the traditional sense, he is a man who is just looking for a place to live. The fact that his search has lasted over five years and [...]

  • One Motorcycle, One Man, One Long Journey

    ISTANBUL, Turkey-Provisioned with a motorcycle, a camcorder, and a keen lust for discovery, Turkish adventurer, Cihan Karadag, plans to circumnavigate the entire Middle Eastern region by motorcycle, alone. He will depart from Istanbul in early June and projects that this 10,000+ kilometer journey will take more than three months to complete. Photo from Cihan Karadag [...]

  • Hitchhiking Around the World

    HANGZHOU, China- I first met Loren Everly in the windswept, desolate city of Ulanbaatar, Mongolia. We were both staying at the Golden Gobi guesthouse and bonded when I offered him an orange (a real delicacy in the non-fertile shrublands of the Gobi) and, out of sheer courtesy, he refused to accept more than half of [...]

  • Woodblock Print Artist Justin Catania

    When I walked into Chaya’s Brooklyn apartment for the first time I ran smack into a 10 foot tall face of an old man with a long beard staring me down. The enormous portrait was carved out of wood and was gazing at me with eyes as large as my cranium. All of the details [...]

  • Archaeology Fieldwork Interview

    Archaeology Fieldwork InterviewThe following interview was completed to fulfill a request from an old friend for one of his university projects.I have completed 7 seasons (2-4 months a year) of professional archaeology fieldwork in North America as well as stints on Copan in Honduras and on a Monteno site on the Manabi coast of Ecuador.————–Wade [...]

  • David Lida Interview

    David Lida Interview “And then I realized I had to get out of the house, and walk around the city. I had lived here long enough to clearly identify what I knew and what I didn’t know. I had to be on the street with all of my senses engaged, talking to strangers, going to [...]