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Available Internship and Volunteer Opportunities with Vagabond Journey

Welcome to the Vagabond Journey Travel internship and volunteer page. Over 100,000 visitors each month means that VagabondJourney.com is one of the top extreme budget travel sites on the planet. PLEASE encourage us to consistently GIVE you FREE award-winning travel information, guides, tips, and stories by joining the VJT Team. Team Members can give support through volunteering a few hours per week, or even taking on full time jobs. There is more than enough work here for everyone!

On this page you can learn more about the work our current team members are doing and current opportunities for prospective volunteers and interns. All internships can be done in conjunction with a university course of study, so please make contact and get us in touch with your academic advisor. Performance reports and recommendations can also be awarded to successful interns and volunteers for future employment opportunities in the travel/ publishing sector.

Join the Vagabond Journey Team

We are always looking for volunteers to help us continue creating one of the largest and highest quality budget travel websites on the internet. Current opportunitities are listed below. However, if you have a particular interest or idea that isn’t listed, please email us and we can discuss how to incorporate your ideas into our team.

While we cannot offer monetary payment for volunteers at this time, we can offer advanced performance reports, serve as an employment reference, produce university evaluations, or help promote your personal company or website. Like so, interning with Vagabond Journey Travel would be ideal for university students studying anthropology, sociology, world geography, public relations, travel writing, or are preparing for a career in the travel industry. As mentioned above, full performance reports are available upon completion of each internship.

We hope that your experience interning with Vagabond Journey Travel will help you with your professional goals and give you the vital experience necessary to spring boards you into a job in the travel industry that you enjoy.  As a volunteer you will also receive any Vagabond Journey publication free of charge as well as a Vagabond Journey Team t-shirt. Email Chaya, vagabondjourneytravel [at] gmail.com, to apply for internships or for more information.

Thanks for your interest in joining our team, apply for the following positions below!

Available internships or volunteer opportunities at Vagabond Journey

Public Relations/ Social Media Coordinators

The public relations interns will promote Vagabond Journey Travel and our publications in other media outlets in social media, on the radio, on television, and in print. These positions involve creating and submitting press releases, arranging interviews, coordinating our social media front, updating and stimulating conversation on the Vagabond Journey Facebook page, as well as commenting on other top travel blogs. The goal of this internship is to work with a team to develop strategies to help brand Vagabond Journey Travel in the media, run outreach campaigns, and bring in a wider audience to the site and its publications.


If you like Vagabond Journey Travel, why not tell others about it. The promoter position consists of browsing through other travel forums and websites and referring their visitors to additional information available on VagabondJourney.com as well as talking about the site on various other media sources and through email. These submissions should serve to benefit the source they are going on as well as VJT.

Travel Guide Researchers

The Vagabond Journey travel guides are our database for travel information for every country in the world. The travel guide researcher would help research information for each country in any of the numerous categories we have on each page, which includes hotels and housing, visas, food, transportation, current events, health, working and studying abroad amongst others. This position aims to provide training and work experience for prospective guidebook writers and researchers. Eventually, this internship will grow to include researchers for the Vagabond Journey line of budget travel guidebooks.

Travel News Editor/ Contributors

This is an editorial/ travel journalism internship available to qualified applicants. This job consists of running the VJT Travel News site by publishing daily updates, checking leads, conducting interviews, editing contributions, and putting up a weekly post which consolidates recent events in travel news. This position is generally reserved for a journalism student or graduate.

Travel Deals Editor

This internship consists of scouring the internet daily for airfare, hotel, hostel, tour, cruise, and transportation deals and publishing one post documenting the results of this search. This position should be filled by an applicant looking to advance in a career related to the travel industry.


We are currently looking for knowledgeable reviewers for travel books, movies, and music. Each review will be published on a once a week basis on the Vagabond Journey Travelogue. Interested applicants should have some background in the topic they wish to review.

Travel Forum Moderator

This position entails moderating and trying to stimulate conversation on the Vagabond Journey Travel forum.


If you are multi-lingual we would love to have you doing translations for VJT websites, Vagabond Explorer Journal, books, and other publications. If you are interested in translating from English to your native language, please apply below. Top languages that we are looking for translators for are Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, and Arabic.

Travel Bloggers

If you are interested in blogging about your travels or in writing about a specific topic that is related to travel, then please do not contact us about becoming a blogger on Vagabond Journey Travel. All new blog entries are linked to from the homepage, and there is already a thriving communities of travelers already publishing their stories here.

Apply to volunteer or intern with Vagabond Journey Travel


If you have any questions about any of these internships or volunteer opportunities, email Chaya at VagabondJourneyTravel [at] gmail.com.

Walk Slow,

The Vagabond Journey Team