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  • WikiVoyage: The New Era of Travel Guides

    WikiTravel had been combined into WikiVoyage and is now backed by the Wikimedia foundation. What does this mean? The new era of travel guides.

  • What is a Human Flesh Search?

    The human flesh search has become a defacto public watchdog system in China that is geared to react against anti-social behavior, fight crime, and expose corruption.

  • Mac Users May Get Charged More Money to Travel

    If you’re willing to pay more money for a high end, trendy brand computer, what else are you willing to pay more for? Orbitz says hotel rooms. According to a WSJ article, Orbitz says that Mac users pay roughly 30% more for hotel bookings than PC users, which averages out to be $20 to $30 [...]

  • Has the “Information Age” Really Made Us Any Wiser?

    Does access to information really make people any wiser when they only access content that they agree with?

  • Olympics Show That NBC and American Networks Won’t Adapt to the New Media

    I connect my VPN to a server in the UK and open BBC Sport’s Olympic coverage page. I now have 24 different events that I can watch live streams of at my fingertips. The choice is mine: do I want to watch swimming or do I want to watch basketball? I can select the events [...]

  • How to Live Stream the Olympic Games With a VPN

    As so many of my fellow countrymen are stuck on the other side of NBC’s pay wall and are experiencing a blackout of the Olympic Games, I offer a simple way that all Americans with an internet connection can watch the Olympics freely — like people do in every other country in the world. It’s easy. 1. Download [...]

  • Be Warned Traveler: Immigration and Consular Officers Use Twitter, Facebook, and Blogs

    Social media is making Big Brother fat, lazy, and listless. No longer does government need to just set up massive dragnets, special ops, and hire informants to monitor their citizens and people looking to enter their countries en masse. They can now also just sit back and monitor Facebook, Twitter, and blogs as the world volunteers [...]

  • SOPA/ PIPA Bills are Dead but the Wild West Days of the Internet Are Coming to a Close

    The SOPA and PIPA bills were wiped out of congress, but the wild west days of the internet still in danger SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act) were two bills designed by the US Government to lay down the legal framework to aggressively go after websites that infringe upon US copyright [...]

  • Social Media Vigilantes and Mexican Drug Cartels Face Off

    “THESE DEATHS WILL NOT BE IN VAIN…They cannot kill us all!!” remarked a blogger who goes by the handle Ovemex (Borderland Beat) in reaction to the decapitation and torture of a fellow digital activist by members of a drug cartel in the border city of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Allegedly, a forum moderator for a site [...]

  • New American Tribalism

    Tribalism in America Based on Opinion not Ethnicity I find USA culture difficult to deal with. I do not believe that this is because people here are particularly onerous — to the contrary, this is one of the more polite, friendly cultures on the planet — but because I am finding that USA society is [...]