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Travels in India

I first traveled to India at the beginning of 2005 with Stubbs. We traveled from Calcutta to Darjeeling and entered into the Himalaya for a couple of weeks of hiking before returning to civilization and going to Bodhgaya and then Varanasi. From here we traveled across to Delhi. I then returned to India with Mira in the autumn of 2006 and attended university at the South Asian Center of Global College, Long Island University. 

mao of india
Map of my travels in India

Song of the Open Road Travel Blog Posts from India- Go here for the low down on my impressions of traveling in India. Place descriptions, ethnographic essays, and travel stories.

mira with holy cow in indiastreets in India
                                Mira kissing the Holy Cows in Jaipur                                                           Streets of Jodhpur

India Travel Information:
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Where to Travel in India- Information

arnings about traveling in India-
Beware of touts
Watch what you eat

Indian Culture and Customs-

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Photos of India:

indian fruit vendorAmber Fort
Photograph of a fruit vendor in India and Amber Fort 
photos by Wanderjahr Jill

Jaisalmer IndiaAdjmer India
                              Photo of Jaisalmer, India by Wanderjahr Jill                                               Adjmer, India
snake charmer in Indiapalace in jaipur india
Photos of a snake charmer and the City Palace of Jaipur, India by Wanderjahr Jill

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