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In Other Media: May-August 2019

Where else I’ve been these past few months.

ASTORIA, New York- While I’ve been deep down inside of some film projects over the past couple of months, I have been able to write a few articles and make a handful of appearances in other media.


My stream of articles hasn’t ground down to a halt but it has definitely slowed down a little over the past few months. My usual pace of publication is five to ten articles per month published in big media … these days I’m hardly over a one story per month pace.

The story that I’m most proud of this time around is a feature that I did for the Guardian as a part of their Cities from Scratch series called Should we build cities from scratch?

Beyond this, I did two stories for Forbes — one looking at why China has so many empty museums (which brought in over 40,000 views) and another about Russia finally starting to build their portion of the China-Western Europe highway, which will be one of the longest roads on earth when completed — and a story for Roca Gallery about the rise of poverty tourism.

I need to up my pace of publication throughout the rest of the year.

Interviews / Mentions

I was interviewed for a BBC radio documentary about the city of Lanzhou on the New Silk Road, an article for the Guardian ab out new cities, an in-depth feature on the G erman publication Spektrum about new cities, as well as an article for the Finnish publication Helsingin Hanomat about trans-Eurasian rail.

In Finnish media.

A VICE HBO episode that I was consulted for aired recently:

A hip hop video that I shot, edited, and colored was also published this month:

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