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In Other Media – March 2016

Where we’ve been this month.

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March 2016 was another productive month on Vagabond Journey. We continued gaining exposure in other media sources and had a good amount of articles published in big media.

Timeline referenced my book Ghost Cities of China as well as a story that I wrote for CityMetric in their article about China’s ghost cities and migrant workers in search of homes.

Next City referenced an article on CityMetric that I co-authored with CC Huang in their article entitled Can China’s Largest Cities Look Like This in 5 Years?.

While a blog called Deconstruct to Reconstruct passed an honor my way by including me on their list of the five great minds you should get acquainted with.

I’ve also had 14 articles published this month in other publications.


I had an article published on CityMetric that I co-authored with CC Huang. CC is a (big time) urban designer who is based out of Shanghai who helped devise a set of green and smart guidelines to help steer China’s future urbanization initiatives onto a more sustainable track. This was the first time that I’ve ever co-authored something with someone. It was an interesting experience, and showed the benefit that the combined experience and research of two people working together can have. This article was republished widely, appearing in a newsletter published by the US Department of Defense and the United Nations-accredited Global Forum on Human Settlements of all places

China’s Urban Policy Unit Just Met For The First Time In 38 Years And Here’s What It Recommended


On Forbes this month I looked into China’s new urbanization guidelines, the appeal of Shenzhen as an epicenter for the world’s hardware innovators, as well as a series about China’s housing market.

What Is China Doing About Its 450 Million Square Meters Of Unsold Housing

How People In China Afford Their Outrageously Expensive Homes

The Real Reasons The Chinese Love Throwing Money Into The Housing Market

The Demand For Housing In China’s Heated Property Market Is Real

Why The West’s High-Tech Innovators Manufacture Their Dreams In China

The Impact Of China’s New Urbanization Guidelines Could Be Huge

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South China Morning Post

I’ve also had seven articles published in the print edition of the South China Morning Post, with topics ranging from Zhengzhou rising as a major hub on the New Silk Road to the impact of refrigerated foods in China.

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