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In Other Media – April 2016

Where we’ve been in the big world of media in April 2016.

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This is where we’ve been around the big world of media in April 2016.

First and foremost, I was a guest on the CityMetric podcast, getting all excited about ghost cities in China. Some of my commentary was also included in this article about the impacts of urbanization.


I’ve also had the following articles published this month.

The Diplomat

The Diplomat, Khorgos: Where East Meets West


Asia looks to airport cities for ‘competitive success’

China’s largest ghost city is now almost completely full — but there’s a twist

An update on Ordos Kangbashi: What China’s largest ghost city is like today

Why you should want to live right next to an airport

Why China’s housing market refuses to crash

The South China Morning Post

‘One Belt, One Road’ transforms Zhengzhou into a key logistics hub between China and Europe

Zhengzhou’s position as the crossroads of China makes it a busy link for transportation networks by rail, road and air

Zhengzhou’s location has given it a central role in Chinese history for more than 3,500 years

Zhengzhou’s Xinzheng International Airport sees rapid growth in passenger and cargo numbers

Zhengzhou is at the heart of manufacturing in China, from iPhones to vehicles and frozen food

Zhengzhou focuses on ecological conservation and improvement of green spaces

Rapid rise of refrigeration transforms culture’s concept of what is fresh

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