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In Denmark For The First Time

Country number 88.

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COPENHAGEN, Denmark- Norwegian airlines presented us with another intriguing extended stopover: Copenhagen. On the way to Prague, we were able to stop in Bergen, Norway for the day. On the way back we get Denmark.

Country number 88.

88 countries and I still have almost all of Africa to go.

Copenhagen seemed alright. European standard. Slightly flavorless but comfortable. Worth coming back to.

We ate hamburgers. $38. Not cheap.

The Copenhagen airport is built into a train station and it’s all inside a shopping mall. It’s crowded, hectic, people are running into each other, it’s not clear where to go, your path forward is continuously obstructed. Part of me kind of likes this chaos — it was kind of like a big Indian train station — but another part of me despises it because it is so obviously contrived, intentional, the creative work of some trendy architecture firm that really doesn’t give a shit if their designs adversely impacts the people moving within it. Purposefully poor design shouldn’t be a trend.

In the section for flights to the USA was disgusting: the trash cans were overflowing, the carpet was stained, the bathrooms hadn’t been attended to in way too long, and the only confectionery was a self-operated Starbucks cart that charged $5 for a crappy cup of coffee.

“Wow, it’s like a f’cking third world country in here,” I exclaimed with a laugh.

But I can’t complain. There were places to sit down and rest, the wifi worked, and I wasn’t left with that dumb feeling that Europeans do things better.

But I had to wonder if the airport allowed this section where flights to the USA were collected to go to shit intentionally? Some kind of political statement?


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