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  • Why So Many Canadian Hotels Are Owned By Indians

    Just about every hotel I stayed at across Canada was owned and operated by Indian immigrants. This time I asked why.

  • The Reality of the American Dream Past and Present

    I have a conversation with a security guard at the MoMA and am shown the reality of the American dream. I often despise art museums in general and modern art in particular not only because they are shrines to rich extravagance but also because the security guards tend to stare at me like they think I’m about [...]

  • Reentering Europe After Visa Overstay on Different Passport

    Q: Can I reenter Europe after overstaying my visa in Switzerland with a different passport? A: Hello, While it is true that you were probably banned from reentering the Schengen zone of Europe after overstaying your tourist visa in Switzerland, it seems to me that if you were to attempt returning on your second passport [...]

  • What is a Code 3 UK Immigration Stamp?

    Q: I was given a code 3 stamp in my passport when entering England (UK) via Gatwick, what does this mean? A: Generally, being given a code 3 entry stamp when going through UK immigration is nothing to worry about in and of itself. All landings in England/ UK are coded, and tourists are generally [...]

  • Travel to USA to be Made Easier – We Hope

    It is still difficult for people from most countries to visit the USA, but this could be changing soon.

  • Entering Europe on an Invalid US Passport

    Can I enter Europe on a falsely “lost” US passport for the purpose of staying in the Shengen Zone longer? Hello, Yes, I think that you would be crazy to leave the US on a flight with your valid passport and then try to enter Europe on a passport that was fraudulently “lost” and then [...]

  • Moving Abroad – Expats Struggle to get Residency

    There is a common notion amongst people from third world countries that I can go anywhere in the world and stay for as long as I want because I am an American and rich. Apparently, this is what they see. Rich Americans come into their towns as they please and seemingly stay for as long [...]

  • Travel Boycott of Arizona

    Travel Boycott of Arizona, More Harm than Good? There is a movement in the USA to boycott the state of Arizona. People with a chrystiline notion of justice have made a call that tourists should not travel to Arizona in an attempt to pressure the local government into overturning its new batch of anti-illegal immigrant [...]

  • Illegal Border Crossing to USA from Mexico

    A travelogue entry about border jumpers and Chaya’s experience doing relief work on the US/ Mexico frontier — On that side is Naco, Mexico, on this side is is me, America. There is a fence between us. “How long is that fence?” I asked my friend, Al, who traveled be RV for 15 years after [...]

  • The Ballad of El Salvadoreno

    Salvadorian Immigration to the USA — “Mi trabajo aqui es finito, yo voy a desaparecer como Jaime,” spoke El Salvadoreno after he brought his last batch of basil, mesclun, and squash in from out of the field and shipped it off to market. His work on the farm was now finished, the only thing left [...]