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I Guess I Won’t Be Going To Belarus

Skipping Belarus, going straight to Ukraine.

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“You need a visa to go there.”

“No I don’t.”

“Yes you do.”

The lady at the bus station was right. I do need a visa to go to Belarus. For some reason I thought I could get a visa at the border — something that is very much not possible. Belarus is probably one of the most tenuous, intensive, procedure-laden countries in the world for a Western, grade-A passport holder to get a visa to.

Maybe I’m slipping? I usually know the visa policies of almost every country forward and backward.

Anyway, I can just show up in Ukraine and get 90 days. I guess I will go there instead.

I didn’t have any meetings set up yet in Belarus anyway and I’m not sure how involved they are on the NSR besides having a some China-Europe trains going through it. They say they want to become a hub on the network, but with visa policies like that I doubt this could be a reality.


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