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  • An Awful Life On A Remote Tropical Island

    When the solitude of a South Sea paradise takes a turn for the awful.

  • China’s Magic Travel Weapons: Body Stands, Ostrich Pillows, and Neck Braces

    Everybody who has ever traveled has been here: You’re riding on a bus or in a seat on a train for a long journey. You begin getting a little drowsy, your head starts to teeter, and all of a sudden you feel your face fall upon either the shoulder of the passenger sitting next to [...]

  • Laowai Comics: Expat and Traveler Life In China

    If you’re ever wondering what it’s like to live in China, cut right to the point and go to Laowai Comics. Twice weekly, this site presents us with the comedic fodder that make us expats and travelers in China exclaim: “It’s true! It’s really like that!” They are the product of a long term traveler that [...]

  • Modern Toilet Restaurant

    Modern Toilet: the restaurant that showcases both sides of food.

  • Japanese Politician Catches Man Peeing on His Campaign Poster

    Bad timing for a weak bladder protest.

  • Check Out This Chinese Barbie Doll With a Detachable Head

    A Barbie type doll is on the market in China that has a detachable head. Is this not every brother’s dream?

  • Work in a Kinderfarten in China

    Prospective English teachers be warned: we heard this school really stinks.  

  • Working in Art Studio Mishap

    I entered the art studio where I had agreed to help set up for an event that was to take place there the following day, and I was quickly whisked away under the wing of the main organizer. She was a Chilean artist, probably in her mid to late 30s, who seemed to be one [...]

  • Obama Sex Doll Appears in China

    China is a country of very unique sex toys. I remember making it a fun game to go into the various sex shops to be impressed by the large array of very realistic dolls, some very adequately portraying the under carriage of some replicated woman. I suppose this happens in a country where men vastly [...]

  • Office Pranks

    Office PranksThe prankster began to grow weary in the stale, office-like, and shockingly sterile university environment in which he was studying in New York City. He figured that he had to start pulling pranks to keep himself from shriveling up into a beastly serious prune. He had to start pulling pranks to save his own [...]